Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Day 2 - Pensacola, Florida

** using cell phone for pictures (quality is sooo bad)

My breakfast - course #1 - yeah, I hardly made a dent! Prepared by the Innkeeper - Barbie!

Then the most amazing French Toast was served!

Visiting one of my media sponsors - a Lite Rock Radio Station (This is Jackie Linn - the DJ)

Ooh.. second pic of breakfast.

Sorry the pics are out of order (and I am too lazy to fix them.. lol) Here is a glance at the menu where I had lunch. Just a few of my FAVORITE things.

Lunch! - Middle Eastern!

The Pensacola team - Natalie and Kelly

Dinner time - me, myself and I on the porch at the Dharma Blue

Don't you just love the ugly closeup - where you look like you have 8 chins and have a smirk?

View from my table

Spicy homemade chips with a blue cheese dip (I ate like 1/4 of it... but DELISH)

This is the Dharma Blue Salad. Steak with blue cheese, dressing and what is up with all of the spicy fried onion rings on salads in this town?

Some of the house in Pensacola

A drive by shot of downtown Pensacola.

After dinner I drove down to the pier. Don't worry - I called mom. I have been watching too many episodes of Without a Trace. I thought I should let someone know where I was!

a little H2O

Night! Night!


Anonymous said...

OOOOH Yay, another pictorial journey! LOVE IT!!! I still can't get over you eating at the Dharma cafe` should have asked if they were in any way associated with "LOST"; wouldn't that have been funny if they would have said yes! Lovely photos!!! Can't wait for the next post!

Yenta Mary said...

Stay busy, have fun, and eat FABULOUS food!!!

Bossy Betty said...

A fun day AND delicious nom-noms! Yeah!

Carol said...

you've got to drive out to the beach and eat at Peg Leg Pete's. Just see the beach. It's awesome.

Carol said...

you've got to drive out to the beach and eat at Peg Leg Pete's. Just see the beach. It's awesome.

Doris said...

Wow, these pics are actually not too bad considering... I can see I'm going to have to make a trip to Pensacola...looks like some place I might want to live someday. And that french toast looks soooo sooooooo good!

Laura said...

Ok, now I really want just a short weekend away at a B&B. Thanks for sharing these photos!


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