Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Living with a Fantasy

The next couple of weeks - as you well know (and I keep whining about) are going to be tough. However, I thought it was totally fitting to create my fantasy "husbands" for the time being.

Yes - since my egyptian (who in my opinion is beautiful) will be gone - I think it is perfectly okay to depend upon my fantasy men.. and here they are:

HA HA - the last one got you, didn't it? But it's true -  I have a crush on him..

Oh there's more - but these are my top celeb crushes!

See any similarities in the them? :-)


Anonymous said...

OOOOH Johnny Depp! LOVE him!!! Similarities? They all have a bit of mystery about them....

The Bipolar Diva said...

awesome-ness! Especially Johnny Depp!

Anonymous said...

We have very similar tastes in men I think, haha. That's why you love my BOTW so much!!

I love Russell Brand too, even though he's kind of an ugly bastard. It's amazing how much personality can transform someone.

Leanne said...

Mikhail . . . mikhail . . . mikhail . . . just saying his name makes my heart melt! He has got to be the sexiest man alive. I think your list is FANTASTIC!!! I would like to borrow a few of them, if you don't mind!!

Laura said...

Hmmmmm... who to choose, who to choose... I can't. I love them all!

Dizzy C said...

some hunks there and then Russell Brand!

We see and hear a lot about him in the papers here. I am afraid I am not with u on this one, but all the others..... :)



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