Saturday, October 9, 2010

Good on so many levels

  “Don't ever give up on something or someone that you can't go a full day without thinking about.”

2011 is shaping up to prospectively becoming the best year of my 30s.

I see health, I see commitment to new interests, I see a more solid relationship.

Good things are starting to happen, and it is all because I hung in there, and gave it my all.

We have 1/2 of October and two more months until the big night!

Health: This time last year I visited a cardiologist. I have been struggling with High Blood Pressure for years. I decided to bite the bullet and find out what was going on in my body. After months of tests, a few sleep studies, and one bought of meningitis (again) - I got some answers. This January it will be about one year on a CPAP machine, and yes my dear friends, it is making all of the difference. I feel a LOT better. I am sleeping more soundly, I wake up  more refreshed, and honestly, I can't imagine life without this freedom. I went well over a decade waking up gasping for air, or spending an entire day with crushing headaches and elevated blood pressure in the a.m. That ship has sailed, and I feel normal.

I dabbled in Mediterranean foods beginning last October - since then I have incorporated so many new foods and recipes into my diet. I find when I head back to the fried, fatty American-processed foods, I get physically ill. We are only eating whole, "clean" foods and it feels good. I can see a difference in my skin, in my eyes, in my hair, my nails. I am getting the proper vitamins and minerals and it does not involve supplements. Sure, I have a long, long way to go, and yes - I still gobble up the chips and candy corn on my desk.. but the  desire and craving to eat better is there.

I have spent almost 3 months attending a Zumba and Body Jam class. 4 hours a week of vigorous aerobic activity. I did something that is so uncharacteristic of me today - I actually jogged. I am sooo not kidding. I am still flipping out. ;-)

Guys - this isn't about weight loss - it's about feeling healthy. That's all I want. I want to slow down the wear and tear on these arteries... that's all.

I have made a conscious decision (however) to join Weight Watchers for 3 months - just to kick start the healthier portion side and slow down on the snacking. I will sign up on Friday. It's the only way to keep up the momentum this holiday season and in the colder months. The ONLY way.

I plan to make an appointment to see my cardiologist in November and my pulmonary doc - hopefully to find out the news that I can drop one of these meds!!!

Because in the end - I want to be med free! :-)

Relationship: The most beautiful thing in the world has transpired. Sure, sure - the cultural differences and minor arguments will always be there - but an understanding and proof we are (and I will use my dear friend, Laura's words) serving each other is clear. We are taking care of one another, loving one another and learning to be in a relationship that is working "backwards." The beauty of meeting online is that we had to talk. But our honeymoon stage took place without the learning the little idiosyncrasies of each other. Our time in Egypt was the most beautiful time of my life, and the transition this year with immigration and culture has been a major learning experience- finally - the hard work I put into this is starting to pay off. We have adjusted to each other. We are more understanding of one another - and STILL - I love this man more than anybody in the world.

Sure, I want to strangle him - but I am learning to be patient and adjust. I see my egyptian (the original one I fell in love with) is back probably 75% of the time - which is a HUGE increase from 25% of the time! :-) I think 2011 is our year for BiG growth.

Friends: Since moving to a new state 5 years ago, I had to make all new friends. I had some good times, and unfortunately picked up a few cuckoo-birds along the way. Luckily I weeded through the trash and found my jewels!

Work: Blessings are coming on strong! Big wins!

Volunteer involvement: Moving on to new and exciting activities! I plan to volunteer with children of incarcerated parents, I hope to help with a local Girl Scout troop, and I plan to mentor some communications students at the university level.

All in all - I am gearing up for an amazing 2011. A Healthier, happier, more deeply loved Nicole.

It's all good. I placed the foundation and I am ready!


Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said...

You are doing great and I am so HAPPY for you!!! Keep up the amazing journey, we will all be following it I am sure!

Cheeseboy said...

It's nice when you can stop and recognize when you are having a great year. Sounds like just about everything in your life is going swimmingly right now.


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