Sunday, October 3, 2010

Experiment Results

As promised, I am sharing the highlights and results from my "Themed experiement." Consider it a Destination: Happiness, if you will.

First of all, thank you all so much for hanging in there with me this week. Aside from a quick post on my allergies, I kept most of you guys out of the loop on my personal life. I stuck to the past, and topics of growth. So if you like the personal stuff more - here it comes!! (You know me, always a little something for everyone!)

I started out my themed week with an Energized Saturday. For 2 Saturdays now I have started my mornings off with a Zumba class. AMAZING. It really is an excellent way to kick start any weekend. I was pink faced and sweating by the time I left (I know, not an image you really want to know about) however, it told me one thing - I worked hard! I have been spending Saturdays reading, writing, catching up on some movies and tv shows, and cleaning this house. So yes - Saturdays have turned out quite nicely! I have to say, yesterday was probably the best Saturday I have had in a really long time. The kicker - there was nothing unusual about it! I woke up around 6am (the egyptian was already awake!) I had coffee, he had tea and we ate breakfast together. He did, however, go back to bed - I decided to do two loads of laundry, write my blog post, and then head to the gym for Zumba time! WORKED sooo hard.. came back, showered, had a really delish Mediterranean style lunch - then I engaged in a marathon of Jersey Shore Season 1. LOL. Afterward, I went to Publix and bought things to make icecream sundaes (all low fat or sugar free) - and we indulged. Spent a little quality time together.. and then relaxed watching movies and chatting. Yep was excellent!

Soul enriching Sunday went really well last week. I must admit, I did not go to mass, but I did read several devotions, took some time to pray and meditate and just relaxed. I was calm, peaceful and just felt an overall since of understanding. It was a start - and it went well.

New Beginnings Monday again - excellent day. Made a check list, got a lot of things accomplished, and I can honestly say - at the end of the week, I was able to leave work and feel like I truly made a difference. It worked!

Positive Tuesdays met up with a friend for coffee, had an excellent conversation (both of us lifting one another up!) and I was even able to help the egyptian gain some focus.

Rockin' Wednesday I actually used the whole music idea all day long. My co-worker, Laura, sits in the office next to me.. she even called out, "Umm.. Nicole, I like your music today." LOL Perhaps she was picking on me, because I happened to be singing along. LOL

Thankful Thursday I was pretty bold on Thursday to say that the week was going well. People joked and said that I probably jinxed myself. But honestly - it was a beautiful day. I made a point to show gratitude and be kind to others.

Flawless Friday was fun because I made a point to finalize the week, took a little extra time on my outershell, and reminded others that it is okay to celebrate your actualy physical beauty.

That completes the circle. Yes, I will continue to think along these lines. It's all a process, right?


Leanne said...

Holy cow, lady. I am so proud of you .. and reading this post makes motivates me. I'm thinking of taking some of your ideas and trying to incorporate them into my own week (with the exception of Zumba - because, quite frankly, the hips are not meant to Zum or ba! tee hee)

But what I most admire is that you had a goal for the week - you put it out there into the universe - and it sounds like it came back to you and allowed you to find some peace. That's a really cool think. So proud of you, dear friend, and look forward to learning more from you (as always). Peace.

Leanne said...

really should have finished my coffee (and proof read) my comment before sending it!! Sorry for the errors in the grammer/spelling above. Ah, well. I'm still embracing the imperfections ... so it's all good!

Cheeseboy said...

Wow, this sounds kinda exhausting - to think and act like this. I have no doubt that it will make you a better person - not that you need it.

I think you should continue on with the experiment. At least in some form.

Nicole said...

Cheeseboy - it was exhausting - b/c it is not natural. LOL

The Bipolar Diva said...

you're inspiring!

Estell said...

Very nice! Ive been trying to do this happy ya know. very hard! haha :D great project

Mama Hen said...

Hey Nicole, that picture is so great! I always wanted to try Zumba classes! Good for you. This looks like one motivational week and a great start to your month! Have a great night!

Mama Hen

Jen G-son said...

ugh mayhaps I should try this method? I need to find some type of balance in my life, stat!

Good for you for doing so! If only we all could follow suit!


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