Friday, October 1, 2010


Seriously? I wish I knew why my body reacts so strongly to the changing of the seasons. I literally woke up, sat up, and felt loopy. I went to the bathroom as I normally do in the morning, took a look in the mirror and laughed. My eyes are like little plump salad tomatoes and about as red! Crusty around the outside, and just itchy. So - I grab my Nasanex, take two squirts per nostril and wait for miracles.

However, as I sit here, I noticed when the sound of the ac coming on, the right ear did not hear it as well. THEN, I felt the "pressure" in that ear.


I see a benadryl stupor later this evening. Oh yes.. sweet sweet escape.


Doris said...

Awww, sorry about that - but Benadryl is a God-send!!! Sleep well my dear! haha

TV's Take said...

Fortunately I don't get allergies but always feel terrible for those that do. Hope you feel better soon

Anonymous said...

LOL Robin, it looks like you and I are on the same wave length today my friend. I wrote a blog about this this morning too! Hugs...

Leanne said...

Ugh ... feel better! Sometimes going to sleep and waking up after the first frost totally works for me! ;)


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