Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nice little tribute

Since I typically give my mom a hard time since she can be quite the "witch" sometimes (hee hee) - I thought I would share with you something that I agree whole hardily on.

I know I have alluded to my family's involvement in our community. Not sure if you know to what extreme..

My sister wrote a really nice post about my mom and nominated her for some award. (Personally awards are ridiculous and truly mean nothing.. validation is KNOWING you did a good job, not in a piece of paper or a gift card. THAT means nothing to me.)

With that said, please take a moment and read this. In the end, at think the fact that her daughter thinks highly of her should make all of the difference.

Please click here: ABOUT TO STICK MY FOOT IN IT.

How's THAT for being positive on a Tuesday??

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