Monday, October 4, 2010

There will always be people like HER.

Today is your typical Monday- hard to get motivated, hard to keep the positive attitude and hard to stay awake. However, I think all of the hard work from last week (at work) ended up paying off. Looks like I got a new TV partner and I am just one more conversation away from a new radio partner. This is GREAT news, professionally.

THEN - I came home. T-I-R-E-D. No doubt. Not sure why, but the eyes were wanting to close. The egyptian and I sat and laughed for about an hour or so - then we started cooking dinner. Sooo... I decided that the eggplant he made was too "oily" and since I had to go to my Body Jam class, it might make me sick. In brilliant form, I opt for some mac & cheese. (Uh huh.) Finally I drag myself to the gym, and my brilliant idea almost took me out. Seriously. Stomach was sooooooo full and I felt like I weighed 500 pounds and could not lift my legs. LOL.

Needless to say, I made it through without running for the door. We had three instructors tonight, an african american girl from the Bronx, a latina from Columbia and a typical white, southern instructor (there is a reason I am sharing this. I want you to get a mental picture.) We started off with some cool moves from the chick from NYC... moved on to the fast past of the Latina.. then skinny white biotch comes in. (Sorry.. I HAVE to go there. You will see why in a sec.)

The attitude and atmosphere was super fun and quirky with the first two instructors. THEN the annoying, no-rhythm instructor starts up. Showing us some seriously outdated techno-esque moves.. then.. as we are getting into and doing these arm moves as if we are in a rave rolling on Ecstasy - she started screaming into her head microphone, "Come ON! You know what we WANT? DISCIPLINE. THAT'S RIGHT. REMEMBER, THIS IS AN AEROBICS CLASS - NOT JUST A DANCE CLASS. THEY DON'T CALL IT BODY JAM (EMPHASIS ON BODY) FOR NOTHING. YOU KNOW YOU ALL WANT TO BE A SIZE FOUR."

Hold up a hot minute.

Did I EVER say I wanted to be a size 4? What woman, besides perhaps someone shorter than me and with a tiny bone structure SHOULD be a size 4.

It was as if someone sucked the oxygen right out of the room. I wanted to punch skinny biotch in her rock hard abs and tell her to go sell crazy somewhere else. The majority of people in my class are averaging ages around 28 - 48, and more like a size 10 - 16, versus super tiny. (Uh.. that would be the ZUMBA class.. the HIP HOP class has more of an ethnically diverse group, who generally may carry a little more in the hips, thighs and butt area.)

I only remember one other time actually walking out of a Body Jam class - and it was when SHE was teaching.. and it was only b/c the moves were so lame and I got bored. I faked like I had to be somewhere. Should have known.



Dawn said...

I woulda walked out too!

My typical Monday - Woke up with a migraine - attempted to make some muffins BEFORE I had my morning Coffee - that was my first mistake! Burned my finger on the frickin toaster oven, spilled my coffee all over the counter... I simply sat and cried.. I had way to much to get done today and it was starting out LIKE THIS ? I called a friend and they told me " you know how to handle this day ? - Uh Go BACK to bed? ... Nope they said You know how to eat an elephant ? - Here I am bawling my eyes out and they are talking about ELEPHANTS ? - Ok I play along - How do you eat an elephant? He said One bite at a time! ~~ It made me feel better, I sat and did a devotional and spent about 30 mins in prayer and along with some Ibuprofen my headache was gone, my finger no longer hurt and I finally got done with everything I needed to get done today!

So - next time your in a pickle and nothing seems to go right - Remember how to eat that Elephant :)

Shell said...

It's amazing no one punched her. It's supposed to be about being healthy, not about being a size 4.

Robin said...

Safe to say that NOW YOU KNOW. Whenever you see that she is instructing a class, you can take a pass. In this case, it worked out well, since she was the last instructor up. If that happens again, maybe you will be just as lucky. Work out with the first two and walk out when she takes over. She sounds like an idiot. How many people are a size 4? Seriously? For the average person, being a size 4 isn't even HEALTHY. However, as you said, there wasn't anyone in that class who was shooting at a size 4, so it was just a mean comment. If that gym has a comment box, I would register a complaint. There are a lot of people capable of teaching that class ~ no reason to have to listen to that crap.

Doris said...

Well, you're paying good money for those classes, and I think you should complain. That's soooooo frustrating!!!

Leanne said...

OMG!!!!! I'm SCREAMING at my computer here!!! I WOULD have sat my NOT-size 4 bum on her and let her have it!!!


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