Friday, October 15, 2010

Impulse buys and Random Crap

Did I ever tell you about my shopping problem?

Yeah.. didn't think so.

Well, back in the day (seriously, several years back) - when there was a solid two-income thing going on, I used to.. well.. shop.

Not a big deal, right? Well, I would shop until I did not have a dime left. (Well.. not quite, but it was pretty intense.)

Since then, divorce came and went. Money came and went. New husband. FRUGAL husband... and well, the shopping STOPPED.

Today there was an interesting twist. Since  I purchased a $1,300 plane ticket for the Mr., I felt I was completely within my right to blow a little money on me. (This is so I would not feel resentful. Not only did I buy him a ticket, I was also expected to purchase gifts for his family .. then he gets to say they are from HIM.) Don't start on me.. I know.. I know..

Anyway.. after work, I decided to do a little quick shopping. Not too much, just enough so that I feel like I got SOMETHING out of all of this. Heck, I am about to be the one without her husband for 6 weeks.. supporting his trip around the world. ;-)

I digress...

So I dashed by Cato. Simple. Cheap. Whatever. Not a damn thing I would buy. Seriously. I was looking for a cute top -NOTHING. I chalked it up to, "Well it is hit or miss at little stores like that." But usually I can find a fun little top for $25 bucks. But I was on an impulse shopping trip - so I ended up buying a few little goodies. I bought two bottles of perfume (one I plan on giving to my egyptian "mummy" and some new bracelets/necklace/ear ring set. All for under $30. :-)

Then I went next door to Ashley Stewart. THINKING certainly there will be amazing fall clothing there. UH.. NO. This is starting to scare me. I am not digging the new styles (or old) for fall. I am starting to see flashbacks from 8th grade. Same damned styles. Eeew.

After that, I thought - well.. there is only one way to settle this need. I went to Best Buy. Not sure if you guys know, I used to LOVE taking photos. And my old camera - my Canon EOS Rebel took amazing pictures. But it is a 35mm. I would love the digital one, but right when I was about to buy one.. I ended up paying to move, paying a divorce attorney followed by immigration lawyers.. and the excuses get longer and longer and more and more expensive. So, I ended up buying a little red point and shoot camera about 2 years ago for under $100. Needless to say, after mucho wear and tear - it died. I had nothing.

I have been taking pics with my mobile phone, and they are always blurry. Hate it. Sooo.. I finally broke down and bought myself a little Nikon. Got it on sale - it was $179 and I got it for $119. Not bad. I bought a case and memory card and got out of there for a total of $159. Still, not the exact camera I want.. but it is a start.

I left there and still felt a need.. I knew I better come in the house with something for the egyptian to take to his mom.. and guys, the style over there is COMPLETELY different. Soo I knew the items I picked out would work - I bought a lacey table runner and two doilies. Yuck.. I know. But these people LOVE their doilies. And yes, they were egyptian approved.

All in all, not a bad little shopping spree. I did manage to pick up some new ear buds for my ipod and a Pumpkin Spice Frapp (yes, it was 82 degrees. Woke up to 49.. by 2pm 82. Typical.)

Now.. I sit .. and wait.. for Mr. Papa John to deliver my cheeeeeesy pizza. Maybe that will do it! ;-)

This girl does not like the budget she is on.. but maybe.. just maybe.. this too shall pass.


Mama Hen said...

You deserve to treat yourself! The camera sounds great! You will be able to enjoy that for many special occasions. I think it is just fine for you to go and do a little shopping spree and have some fun! Good for you! Have a great night!

Mama Hen

Robin said...

I really want a new camera, too. My old camera died and I haven't had a nice camera in a LONG time, so I feel your pain on that one. Congrats! Look forward to seeing some fab new photos:D

Laura said...

I'd say you made some great purchases - and those for you are sooooo deserving! Have fun with the new camera!

Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said...

I totally relate. When I had the budget, often I was tight with it, but I knew it was there and I could buy if I wanted and I saw loads of stuff that I adored. Now that we do not have a budget , even when I see things,they do not have the same draw... I just do not get the same buzz I used to, yet feel the want and desire and yes need to buy something, anything, yet after.....guess it is cause I know I really should not...hate that feeling!

cornflakegirl74 said...

Every now and then I think we deserve to splurge a bit. I used to do this a lot more when I lived with my bf and had a bit more of a disposable income, but now I've changed my spending habits a bit. I still indulge every now and then but bag a lunch for a week or whatever so I can still make it possible :)

Enjoy your new camera! :)

Leanne said...

Oh, yeah, we would be in serious shopping trouble if we were close by. I can justify just about "anything" - unless the pocket book is empty ... then major BUMMER! But my dear friend, you have been so focused lately that you most DEFINITELY deserve a little treat for yourself. And I'm so glad that you did that!

Anonymous said...

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