Friday, October 8, 2010

A day in the life

This may bore you to tears, but yesterday I decided to keep a log of my activities and emotions. (Yes, I am THAT quirky.) Without any more delay, here is a look at my day yesterday.

(PS - I totally LOVE reading stuff like this from other people. It's kind of like reading the "minds" of others.)

6:45am - Alarm goes off. I hit snooze.
7:00am - Alarm goes off. I hit snooze.
7:15am - Alarm goes off. I turn it off. I sit up for about 2 minutes with my eyes closed. Damn, I forgot to pre-make the coffee.
7:17am - Head to the bathroom. Wash face, exfoliate, use toner, tweeze, brush teeth, actually use toilet. Take medicine (bp.) Brush teeth. Put on deodorant. (Took shower night before) Apply face moisturizer, eye cream, chapstick, heat up hair straightener. Use Nasanex. Stare at the mirror and think to myself - I look like hell. Sinuses are driving me crazy.
7:40am - Shuffle to the kitchen. Make coffee. Discover I only have a little Fat-Free Creamer left. Use what is left.
7:45am - Shuffle to living room, turn on computer, write blog post, and log onto work network. Update calendar, decide to work on a few items from home, before going into office. Began data entry into an Excell Spreadsheet that captures "media impression" numbers. (Basically how many people watched our commercial, and what kind of commercial. Felt really, really bad.Body aches.
8:15am - Go to straighten hair, realize I am too lazy. Turn it off. Opt for cute hat instead. Apply makeup. Throw on clothes. Apply perfume. Grab laptop bag, pocketbook, cell phone and ipod. Turn my nose up at the banana. Grab a can of tomato soup and a bowl. Head out the door.
9:00am - Totally stuck in traffic on Hwy 459. My stomach hurts. I really think I am coming down with something. I sneeze a few times.. Eyes are watering. This is not good.

9:20am - Call Laura at the office (Go Red For Women Director.) Have a scheduled coffee meeting, I take her order from Starbucks.
9:45am - Finally pull into Crestline Village's Starbucks. Order two pumpkin spice lattes and two breakfast sandwiches. I don't even bother to take my sunglasses off. I feel like poo.
10:15am - Roll into the office. Thank God I have a carrier for the coffee. Meet with Laura about Go Red newsletter, the Kirklin Clinic "Going Red" and possibly some other businesses. Conversation turns to other subjects from time to time.
11:30am - Call Promotions Director at Magic 96FM
11:40am - Call Sales Associate at ABC 33/40
11:45am - Follow up on all emails.

12:15pm - Decides I am hungry - attempts to heat my tomato soup and eat at my desk. Took four sips and threw it out. Damn.
12:30pm - Ate 3 small (like 5 per pack) packs of Candy Corn. Still feel crappy.
12:40pm - Print out January idea calendar, send email about Mobile/Pensacola trip coming up
1:00 pm - Conference call with manager
2:45pm - Conference call ends. Work on AHA FB page and Twitter.
3:00pm - Meet with QII Director
3:15pm - Send press release on health issue.
3:45pm - arrange for two meetings in the evening
4:00pm - Follow up on speaker for Southern Progress (Publishing house for Southern Living, etc.)
4:30pm - Hit the road (have later meetings)
5:30pm - Run into the apartment after hell traffic and change clothes, take BP meds, and grab the egyptian.
6:00pm - Drive to Downtown Homewood (small suburb of Bham) and go to O'Henry's Coffee shop.  Ordered a cappuccino. Still starving. Met with good friend, and one of my "diverse spokespeople" - Irene. She is from Venezuela and is a very talented Flamenco Dancer. One of her friends joined us. Did a little work talk, a little personal talk. Funny cultural moment - and one point we were a table of two jews, one muslim and one christian. Yes, we discussed religion. ;-)
7:00pm - Move this conversation to Outback for dinner. Since I only really consumed coffee all day and a small breakfast sandwich- I went for the Aussie fries. Hardly ate a 1/4 of it and was sick.
8:30pm - Home - change into PJs and posted some videos of niece for blog. Drank water. Stomach did not like the aussie fries.
9:45pm - playing on FB
10:45pm - wash face, exfoliate, moisturizer, comb hair.
11:15 - pick up my latest book - Walden, by Thoreau.
Midnight - Decide enough is enough and went to bed.


That's my life. :-) What about you? What types of things did you do yesterday? I was lucky enough to have a very slow day. What about you?


Leanne said...

Hope your feeling ok (are you coming down w/something??) Yesterday, I don't know where to begin between work, work drama, phone call from Kate's teacher, worries over kids, attempt at quality time with kids, and then major b***** session to my husband about him picking up some of the slack. I'm feeling icky this week ... maybe it's a full moon.

The Bipolar Diva said...

what a busy day!

Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said...

Makes my days seem even more mundane. Yesterday. Woke too late. I do not own alarm clock.Washed face, applied creams, brushed teeth and hair, got dressed. Took walk to get coffee at gas station down the street. Over to market to buy grapes and a magazine and a donut. Back home, jump on FB, eat donut, sip coffee. Youngest daughter showed up, went to grocery store a bit further way from home. Got some fav things, then got into fender bender, cars are ok, insurance will not go up. I am not, blood pressure did! Came home and unloaded first round. Headed back out to Wal Mart, bought rest of groceries. Came home. Head hurt. Came home wrote blog, wrote another letter to Ellen D show about my aching teeth. Wrote Rachel Ray show as well. Middle daughter came over and we watched Ellen , she left, I plopped on couch for three hours, popped in pizza for hubby, and then ate cereal for myself, burned fingers on oven , sat with ice bag on fingers till hubby came home, he got me wine and I zoned some more till it was time for bed....woke up today wiped out, skipped walk and coffee, chores, tv, colored hair, watch tv some more, write blog, fold laundry, started potatoes for dinner, hop on blogger, and here I am ...thrilling right??

Hope you feel better my friend! No fun having a tummy bug! <3

Nicole said...

Oh Ruby - outside of burning your finger, and achey teeth and a fender bender - I could see some serious peaceful moments in your day!


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