Friday, October 22, 2010

Oh NO - not the DENTIST!

Tis true, my lunch "period" will consist of a trip to the dentist. Should not be a big deal right? Au contraire my friends.. this one is gonna hurt!

Here's the deal, apparently my BP meds (which I have been on since my mid twenties) are causing a few problems with my teeth. No, I don't see anything - and no, you probably would not either.. but according to the dentist, unless I have this "special" cleaning (that involves needles, lifting of gums, and antibiotics) I could end up with periodontal disease in a few years.


I would like to keep my teeth, thank you. :-)

Great, great, great. Just something else to worry about. But apparently, mix the meds with (oh.. dare I say it - age) it is important we prevent some issues from happening later in life. I am all about prevention.

It's kind of like the time I went to the ENT - and took all types of tests for an ear infection, and found out - "Oh, by the way, one of the audio test we gave you suggests you have  degenerative hearing loss in your left ear."

"What does that mean?"

"Oh, nothing to worry about now. When you are older, you might eventually need a hearing aid in your left ear. " pause "But don't worry, with technology - there is so much we can do."

So basically - what I am hearing (ha) is that in my 70s I will be toothless and deaf? LOL

Lord have mercy.


Anonymous said...

Oh no....yuck! But I hear you! I have issues with mine and just wish I could have them pulled and get dentures! That would just be so much easier....I'm not sure I will be deaf when I'm 70 but toothless is totally a probability! Chin up sweetie...this too shall pass...humm, where have I heard this before?? ;-)

Jen G-son said...

No teeth sounds like less work to me, because I don't know about you but I find chewing to be tedious!

Bossy Betty said...

Just got back from the dentist an hour ago! Gum problems--can't talk about it or I'll cry.

Anonymous said...

Lucky. The dentist loves to pull out my teeth. He's been pulling them out for as long as I can remember. At first, it was the baby teeth, to get them outta the way for the big teeth. Then, since my mouth is pretty small, I have to have FOUR permanent teeth yanked out to make room. NOW, as in before I lose my insurance, I'm going to have to get those wisdom teeth out. Crap-ola.

Not to mention the braces. Uhg. And my teeth are still crooked.

I hate the dentist.


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