Monday, August 16, 2010

Routine in the A.M.

I am probably the least regimented person you will ever meet. EXCEPT in the A.M.

I have a certain way I like to do things, and if I get off track, the morning is shot.

It's silly really, but it is the only way I would ever make it out the door. I am sure those of you with kids and husbands have routines for the entire day - but for me it's just the A.M. But that is about to change.

On a typical morning the absolute first thing I do is head straight to the bathroom. (Let's be honest - we all do.) I take my morning meds, do what I need to do - then head immediately to the coffee pot. Usually breakfast of some sort (today egg substitute with cheese.) Then I sit down to bang out something on my blog before I head to work. Followed by makeup/hair/clothes and out the door.

Today I pick up my I.D. for the Y. Yep, joined up - a city wide membership. God willing, I can roll all of the items I have been working on into one. The dance classes got waaaay expensive. The price they gave me for the first set of lessons was an introductory price. Turns out it is $50 a lesson. No can do. I loved it - but nope. Yes, my trainer is free (in turn I use him for media stories, as I can..) but we all know how that turned out. I could not function I was sooo sore afterwards. This time, I will get the "class" effect that works for me. I saw that there is Zumba offered about 4 times a week for one hour. There is an aqua Zumba offered and a Hype Fitness (I assume hip hop dance/aerobics.) I even saw a few regular water aerobic classes. Looks like, there is something every day of the week. THIS.. this my friends, looks VERY promising.

Also - my "year" at work is just starting to crank up a little. I have got to create some sort of routine. I cover a very large territory and I find that the office I am housed in tends to take a majority of that time. I need to reset some boundaries. For the good of the organization.

More good news on the home front - the egyptian has figured out how to get his college degree "validated" so that he can teach in the states. WOO HOO. Maybe, just maybe it will all work out.

This morning, all is well in my world. I hope in yours also. Now let's get out there and makes some things happen.

Wait.. first let me finish this cup of coffee!

PS - Wish me luck - got a BIG media tour this week. In just 3 hours - ABC TV appearance!


Bossy Betty said...

I, too, am a creature of habit in the morning, so people need to get out of my way and let me do my thing!

Good news with the Egyptian.

Media tour? Media tour? Apparently, I have missed something.

Leanne said...

Yes, mornings MUST start with coffee in my house, too. I'm right there with - if my morning starts off differently than I intend - look out! In the house I grew up in, my Mom had a magnet that said, "When Mamma ain't happy - then NO BODY happy." I wonder where that ended up - sure could use it here! Have a happy ABC appearance today!

TV's Take said...

Where would we be without our routines. Also congrats on the Y membership and your impending TV appearance. Sounds like good stuff in your world. Thanks for stopping by today - great to hear from you!

Kimberly said...

Congrats on the TV appearance!
Love your blog so much that I'm giving you some awards. Swing by my blog to pick them up!
All the best,

Miel Abeille said...

Congrats to the Egyptian! Hopefully, he'll be all set sooner than you know!

And best of luck on your tv appearance. I'm sure you'll hit a home run!


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