Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 4 - Scent Memory

I am really "funny" about smells. I find it odd my sister would give me the words Scent Memory to write about..

But.. okay.. I guess I can.

**insert long dramatic pause for the full effect**

Sooo.. when I have trouble getting my thoughts together, I make lists. Sorry.. here's another one for you:

Smelly things that take me back...

1. Coffee, Bacon, & Cologne. Those three combined - remind me of my father. Every Sunday morning he makes a big country breakfast, (used to put his cologne on before church) and he always had a pot of coffee brewing. It's a comforting smell.

2. Christmas Candle - It is a very distinct smell, and hard to describe. But from time to time I am able to find a candle or potpourri that smells like it. This "smell" comes from two fabric ornaments my family have that hang on our Christmas tree. It's that very smell!! (The ornaments STILL smell like this!)

3. Fire burning - reminds me of Girl Scout camp. Even the indoor fireplace - fire. It all reminds me of the 6 summers I spent out there as a camper and the 6 summers I spent out there as a counselor. Love a good campfire.

4. Jasmin - this always reminds me of New Orleans.

5. Sea Spray body splash by Bath & Body Works - reminds me of the sea mixed with floral.. the only time I smelled something like this was on Jekyll Island as a child.

That about wraps it up!

Tell me about some of your scent memories!


Anonymous said...

I love your #1 memory! I too am prone to a sensitivity to scents. The smell of fresh brewed coffee reminds me of my dad, my grandmother and will forever remind me of my husband.

Leanne said...

Scent memories, huh? Ok . . . let me think. The coffee scent is definitely my Dad, too (like you and Mitzi). My Dad had a coffee belly - not a beer belly - so coffee was big in our house. And this might be kind of silly, but Bath & Body Works Country Apple scent reminds me of my father-in-law, because my in-laws always had that soap in their bathroom when my father-in-law was alive. Since he passed, my mother-in-law never buys that scent anymore. I think he was the one who liked it.


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