Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Where the magic happens..

This blog post is more for my family than anything. It is sooo boring - just look away. Or .. why don't you randomly click on one of the words of interest on the bar to the right under: For Weary Travelers and find something interesting to read!

I promised to post some pics of the move to my new office. I am still slowly moving in.. (well - I got rid of a lot!) Just wanted to share with them.. if you want to see also, take a look! :-)

The view into my office. Yes, Heather - that is a brick wall outside my window. ;-) We are hoping to get new carpet and wall paint soon. The building is old.

Where the magic happens. Wheeling an dealing takes place here. LOL

You can click on the pic for a closer look. I (luckily) left space on the other shelf to add more crap I will accumulate this fiscal year.

This is my personal happy board. This is what I see across the room. Click on it to see some of the "happy" things. LOL

You can see stuff outside the office. That's stuff that will probably end up in storage (not mine) from the move. That little desk is for my intern.

There is a stack of daily papers in the clear plastic bin. Yes,  I go thru every paper in every city from Alabama everyday. *sigh* The wipey board has my checklist for three huge media ops in Bham, Mobile and Pensacola, FL. (Yes.. my writing is atrocious.)

Three month calendar (a qtr of work) and the big bulletin board is where I hang my news clippings. New fiscal year - haven't hung anything yet.

That's it!

(Sorry to bore the rest of you)


luckydame said...

Did I see something about 'Moulin Rouge' on your corkboard???

Rene W. said...

I love that you have a happy board :) Thanks for sharing!


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