Monday, August 30, 2010

My new brand of Crack

There are a few things you need to know about me:

1. I am hyper. Seriously.

2. I used to be a pretty serious dancer (waaay back in the day.)

3. I am hyper.. oh yeah.. I mentioned that.

4. I am ever so slightly a stereotype (30 something and in need of losing weight.)

5. And I am hyper.

If you have been following my blog, you know I have been dabbling here in there in getting active.  You know how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE dancing.

Did the Flamenco thing - $60 for one class a week per month was a bit more than I wanted to spend. PLUS - I was only getting one good hour of exercise.

Did the personal training thing - yes it was free (thank God for my amazing hook up and mad promoting skillz) - but regular exercise makes me want to slice my wrists.

Then there was ballroom dancing- and yes, I thought I was onto something there. BUT that little introductory offer was not what was up. Turns out it was $300 for 5 classes... per time. Oh H-E-L-L TO THE N-O.

NOW.. God answered another prayer. Yes.. yes.. it was God for me. Deal with it. ;-)

One of the membership directors at the Y came by the AHA office and offered up the sweetest deal known to mankind. Waive the activation fee of ($87) and you could get 1/2 off the membership for the year. Which would have been awesome.. but in my world... procrastination is my middle name. I waited.. and the deadline passed. But I had weighed out my options, studied the group fitness schedules like I was studying for the College Placement Exam.. and gave the M.D. a call. She said she would waive the fee - but I would have to pay the regular monthly fees. DONE. So for $54 dollars a month I have a city wide pass (did I mention there are like 8 AMAZING Ys here.)

Soo.. I did my homework - printed all of the gym group fitness schedules - and highlighted all of the dance-oriented workout classes.

Again, in perfect Nicole fashion - I procrastinated for 2 weeks. THEN - on Saturday.. with news that sent me through the roof - I got up and took off to take my very first ZUMBA class.

Frightened like the new kid in a new school - I was driving up and down Pelham Parkway looking for the Y. Where is it? Where is it? Called my sister to call them.. finally found it and damn it, if I was not 10 minutes late for class. How horrible is that?

The only good thing - it did not allot me a lot of time to get nervous.. I ran into the gym and asked, "I need to know two things.. One, where is the bathroom and two, where is Zumba?" The girl smiled, and could clearly see I was out of breath and said, "Behind me are the bathrooms.. and behind you is Zumba." I smiled and took off. Literally - that class was like a Latin bullet! Consider it my first hit of crack.. we were moving 90-to nothing, a mix of Bollywood, hip hop, salsa, and African tribal. I was out of breath, pink faced with my heart racing! IT WAS AWESOME. The music was contagious and I knew right then and there I made the right decision.

Then Sunday rolled around and I thought.. hmmm.. the only class is right when mass is happening, and I made a promise to myself to head back to church. (I have not been to mass since Easter..)

So instead I went to church. But I thanked God for pushing me to join this gym (Did I mention - NO CONTRACTS!!!) (PS - you will never believe what the priest was talking about - our GIFTS/TALENTS. The same thing I heard the Sunday before at the church of our friend! Is God trying to tell me something??)

Anyway - today I did NOT feel good. So much so, I called in sick.. possible ear infection.. meds.. slept.. whatever. After lots of rest, I woke up feeling a lot better. The egyptian asked, "Hey - you going to one of those classes tonight?"

Ahh.. not going to be able to get out of this one. "Oh yeah... I am." (lazy me.)

Sooo.. at 6:45 I headed and check out another class.. thinking I would not like it - Body Jam.

Au contraire my dears - this class is my own special brand of heroin!! First of all, it kicked my a$$. Seriously. Stomped Zumba into the ground. It was definitely a mix of hip hop, latin, modern/contemporary dance on crack. Which means it was FAST. We were doing turns and jumping while we were turning.. and it was non-stop for one hour. NON STOP. When I got home, I pulled my hair down and it was completely soaked.

WHAT A WORK OUT. My body feels.. dare I say it??? At peace.

I think for someone as high strung as I, as hyper active as I, as spastic as I - this is what I need.

Granted I was the chubby chick in the back of the room.. and yes, my legs wanted to say no during the 50th times we did certain moves.. but I have to brag for just a second. When it came to the really complicated combinations that truly incorporated dance moves - I rocked it out! Others girls (the skinny bitches as I like to call them. And yes, I too, hope to return to being one of those skinny bitches) they were tripping all over themselves.. and might I add - had N-O rhythm. *insert giggle*

Ahhh.. I have found another great place to be. And I think for $54 a month - and I can take a class just like this 7 days a week - all year.. no contract.. uh.. yeah. I have a winner!

Sooo... with that being said. Dare I.. or dare I.. take a before pic and maybe monthly do a little check in. Hmm.. maybe it is too soon for that. But guys..

I think I found it!


Jen G-son said...


I've spent forever trying to find my niche in the workout world. I find horseback riding once a week and bikram yoga twice a week, running once a week and MAYBE a swim if I'm in the what works hahaha I tried zumba once and wasn't stimulated. Oh well. Good for you though!

Florida Girl Meets the Midwest said...

I LOVE to dance. It is hard to find super cool options where I live - like that body jam class, I would be all over that. Zumba is my best option here.

PS I tried modern dance once and after they had me rolling on the floor for an hour I never went back.

Robin said...

That is awesome. And it is so much healthier than crack!!!

Leanne said...

YOU GO GIRL!!!! I am SO PROUD OF YOU!!! We are alike in so many ways (I'm referring to the procrastinating ... NOT the dancing!) I'd like the dancing - but I hate to say it - I'm out of breath just from READING this post! GOOD FOR YOU, though, dear friend! So proud you are kicking up your heels and shakin' your bootie!!! woooo hoooo!

Peggy K said...

Yes, take the before, but don't publish it til you have a few monthly afters. I, too, am out of breath reading this post. And slightly inspired (although my lazy self is a second voice I'm hearing telling me to get real)!!


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