Friday, August 13, 2010


What draws you to a certain blog? Or book? Or magazine? Or even movie?

Why does one genre work for you and completely repel your best friend?

What topics get your readers so excited that they want to comment every time, several times?

In my opinion.. the world may never know.

I am approaching my one year anniversary with Destination: Unknown. One full year of almost daily writing.

I have written a previous blog and kept it sporadically for about 3 years. However, it really was a simple, online journal that only a few family members and maybe an exchange student or two knew about.When I moved to Alabama and ended up in the hospital with meningitis - that's when I finally shut that site down. Life was a taking a scary spin, and when I am truly scared and enter a dark place, words fail me.

I attempted another version of this very blog and hardly got through 3 posts - it just was not the right time. Then on August 22nd, 2009 - I began this very blog and have attempted to write every single day (if not twice a day). I have bared my soul, I have vented, I have rejoiced, I have tried to explain, and I have tried to entertain. 419 posts in almost 365 days is pretty impressive, even for me!! What I have realized - I have so much to say, and finally have an outlet to say it in.

To date I have: 80 google friends, 196 FB fans and 102 Networked Blog readers. Yes, there is definitely some cross over -but the ones I really count are the google friends and possibly 50 or so of the FB fans. Because I KNOW you guys actually read my stuff.

I took a look back at the first 7 blog posts I shared (that first week or so) with my nearly non existant audience.. and discovered the topics were interesting, I had totally forgotten all about them:

1. Let's Try This Again
2. Happiness is Relative
3. Faith.. Now that's a tough one
4. It's a Virtual Crusade
5. Feb 09 - a Historical Happy Document
6. A look back on the journey
7. How did I get here?

Those were my first seven blog posts.

I began looking at when the comments started flowing in.. (which means I actually started getting a little following) and that was - March 14th, 2010 and the Blog Post was - "Things You Will Never See Me Blog About."

That post is actually funny, because for one I was just getting into following other bloggers. Unfortunately, I was not yet familiar with the world of the networking sites, so I was stuck hitting "Next Blog" on blogger. Most would show family blogs. Literally pics of the kids and their every move. No stories, no funny anecdotes, no memories of how your life style pertains to your child's growth. Just pics and "info" kind. Sooo.. I slowly became against the mommy blog. But since then, I have fallen in love with a few "mommy" blogs - but these ladies are not your typical "family blogger" types. Some of you have the funniest stories, and your kids are such characters - I have grown to appreciate what some of you experience on a daily basis. So I stand corrected. (Except - no, I will never approve of the boring ones.)

Then I also mentioned I would never like a food blog. hhahahaa Food Floozie - you proved me wrong. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog.

Anyway.. those are just a few examples of how my blogging, my reading, and my support has changed. I think for the next week I might take a look at the past year and reveal some of the high points (which, clearly if you did not read before March - you probably never read my old stuff.) I will also share some of my low points..

Perhaps we can celebrate this year of blogging that way. I am thankful for each of you who actually bother to read and/or comment on my posts. It truly means the world to me!


Leanne said...

HOLY COW!! You have written HOW MANY posts?? Can it be that I have read almost all of them? (I'll have to go back and read those I've missed.) I'm so glad that I found you and your blog. And I'm so glad that you gave my blog a chance (even though I do, every once in a while, blog about my kids.) I've always appreciated your honesty, and this post is no exception. CONGRATS for your accomplishments and great blog, Nicole!!

Holly Diane said...

I came over from Friday Flip Offs...and there is no flip off post here...:(

Nicole said...

Holly I just woke up. LOL I don't have a typical Friday.. I am going to write one after my cup of coffee!

Holly Diane said...

It's all good Nicole..i've enjoyed looking around your blog and reading your posts...I hope I'm now not one of your "flip offs" LOL

Nicole said...

Holly - ahhahahaa - No - but it gave me great inspiration for a "flip off on the Flip off" LOL
Hilarious.. I am such a screw up.. I swear. hahaha

Gigi said...

I still am wondering what makes people suddenly read one's blog...some of it will forever be a mystery.

Meaghan said...

I enjoyed this blog and your flip-off. Glad I stopped by after it was posted!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it totally amazing how much we write in a year? I think the answer to 'what makes people read your blog' falls into the same category of the movies or books or the like that people are drawn to. It is all a matter of personal preference! Like you, I am not a huge fan of Mommy Blogs...not that I am opposed to them, but I am well beyond all that baby cuteness; I have moved on to more grounded things in my life and look for blogs that are more grounded to follow. There are a couple of Mommy Blogs that I do indeed follow and enjoy...but for the most part, the substance I desire in my old age, does not come by way of a Mommy Blog.

Miel Abeille said...

A big attraction for me is relate-ability. Can I appreciate what the writer is talking about? Is there some benefit for me to read? Also, can I contribute through comments? I like reading blogs that feel conversational -- a convo between me & the writer. Know what I mean?


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