Monday, August 23, 2010

Runs with Scissors

Okay - I do NOT follow rules well. I just don't.

I decided it was time to figure out how these "blog hops" work - and I have to say, I am not sure I like it.

Basically, you are supposed to post some picture with a link on your blog (so others may link up) and of course- don't forget your own url. People will follow you, and you are supposed to follow them.

Here's the problem - I don't just "follow" people. I only follow you if I like your blog and actually want to read it and comment. I have to relate to you in some form or fashion. So, if you are reading this - I ultimately CHOSE to follow you for a reason.

I just noticed I gained about 2 new followers from this blog hop. They left comments - but I am not sure they even read the posts. I hope you did!

I was asked to join a blog (see comments in the previous post) that was a baby store. I did the right thing and visited the blog, but I do not need a baby store blog to read. I don't have kids. Nor will I ever give birth. I am not going to follow just to "follow." I did the other one - she apparently designs blogs. I am following her - because I could always use more tips.

That's my issue with blog hops. I don't want to increase traffic just to increase traffic. I want people to actually take a moment and CHOOSE to follow my blog because it makes sense to them.


I hope I don't sound cranky. :-$

Besides all of that - I have found 2 classes I need to decide between today - Water aerobics or Hype Nation Fitness (one is .. well.. water aerobics - the other is a hip hop aerobics class) Decisions.. Decisions..

I hope all is starting off well on your Monday. I promise to write about something "real" later. I just needed this disclaimer on that whole blog hop thing I attempted to try. Not my cup of tea, if you will....

Until next time


Yenta Mary said...

I try to look at it less as "following orders" and more like "returning a favor." (And if one of the hostesses really has something I can't deal with, I simply don't follow no matter what the rules are! It's happened a couple of times.) If they follow me, I'll follow back. But truly, there is a LOT of clutter on my dashboard as a result. I don't care about giveaways (well, most giveaways!) or sales or baby things (my "baby" is 19 and 6'3"!). There's a lot of drivel out there, whereas I thrive on the blogs where people share their lives and their hopes and their dreams and their aspirations and their frailties as humans. I also looked at it, when I made a big link-up push, this way: I could keep a journal if I simply wanted to expound on notions. But why am I taking the time to write and format and share and entertain and whatnot if there's no audience? So I go into it hoping that someone in the sea will find something useful when they check out my little pink blog, just as I hope to find a new friend when I go hunting, too ....

Terry said...

I am your new follower and I did read your post..... and yes you do sound cranky.

What caught my eye to follow you is the sign of the person running with scissors....I had to laugh because... When my Granddaughter was about 14, she decided to trim her own hair. I told her to put those scissors down, she told me NO!! So I got up and she ran with the scissors. About 1/2 hour later she came out of her bedroom crying because she made a mess of her hair. I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. I hope you do more posts that make me laugh.. Laughing is very healing.

Yes,, I would like you to follow me. My blog is My Journey With Candida. Candida is going to be the new disease of the century. You can get it with one dose of the new ANTIBIOTICS that doctors perscribe. I think there might be something there you might be able to use. But it is your choice wether you follow me or not.


Nicole said...

Ha Ha - well.. I guess you told me, Terry.

Yenta Mary - excellent explaination - and you definitely said it so much more eloquently. ;-)

Courtney said...

I feel pretty much the same way about "blog hops". As much as I love finding new blogs and meeting new people, I am not going to follow a "mommy blog" if all the writer talks about is changing diapers and play dates. I don't have kids, therefore, I have almost no interest in reading about some strangers kids. If I am following your blog, it means I have an interest in what you have to say (or at the very least, I like the pretty pictures you post)!

Loving The Reflection

Anonymous said...

Hello my dear friend, having been following you for a while now I can attest that no you are not cranky. I actually couldn't agree with you more about the blog hops. While I agree with Yenta that it is symbolic of "returning the favor", I absolutely refuse to follow a blog that does not have any content of interest to me. I suppose that may seem like a bold statement to make here in blog land; but seriously, I like to think that my followers feel a connection to what I write. At least that way, I know that those who follow are likely going to communicate with me on my blog. I never figured that blogging was just another "Social Network" site; it is more a personal journey that those who follow us can relate to, learn from or share with. Anyway, I think the Hype Nation Fitness sounds way cool; especially as we are winding down in the year and soon motivation to get into a pool will be replaced by snuggling next to a crackling fire! OH I want Christmas to get here...Great post my friend...hold your ground.

Anonymous said...

I actually need to clean up my follow list because I used to follow people just because they followed me. No more.

Leanne said...

It's very interesting that your wrote about this today, because I actually had an email conversation w/someone about creating a button. I approached this awesome blog that I follow religiously and said that they needed a button. I wanted them to have one. They do not do the button thing - and felt that having a button for their own blog would require them to have to place peoples buttons on their blog - and they keep their blog real simple. I am thinking this over. My original thought to approach this blog was because I love it so much, that I wanted to share the joy w/as many people that I know about it. What do you think? Does someone taking a button (or perhaps, just following) require the others to be taken as well? Hmmmm . . . are we overcomplicating blogland? what to do . . .

Nicole said...

Leanne - that's an excellent question. I honestly don't think you should have to reciprocate - only if you truly want to follow and promote accordingly. I stand by that. ;-)

Karen said...

I accidentally joined a blog hop once without knowing how it worked. And felt pretty guilty about it! And I agree with you about traffic. The best thing is when someone writes a comment and I know that they were in some way struck by what I wrote. (Like this post for me!)


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