Monday, August 9, 2010

Lovin' It

I could not think of any other title than - "Lovin' It."

I am actually eating a very non heart healthy meal of a biscuit from Mickey D's.  Needless to say, was a bit on the super hungry side.

Their slogan used to be (not sure if it still is) "I'm lovin' it." That's what I was thinking about as a I was driving back to the office - "Lovin' it" or rather "love."

I saw so many examples of "love" this weekend. Which got me to thinking, what does it really mean? Is it an emotion? Is it a need to nurture? Is it a companion?

For me - love is very emotional. I have strong feelings for my husband. I am attracted to him as well as I respect the man that he is. So for me, it feels like "love."

I witnessed love from mother to daughter (friends with their children, and my own sister.) I witnessed friends showing love to one another, flirtation of new relationships blooming, and even saw people living in an "unspoken" agreement ~ where "love" is a means to an end. I listened as one person shared their "love" story, yet did not realize their love will turn into unrequited love.. since it is a stepping stone for the next chapter of their partner's life. All very interesting concepts.. all with such an air of sincerity.

Who are we to judge what works for one couple?  Who really knows what a functional, perfect relationship is? Mothers and daughters will fight. Boys will continue to be fickle with the teenage girls. Husbands may sometimes take for granted all that their wives do. And every once in a while.. someone will tell themselves that what they hear, see, and experience is real - and then go on to accept their own lie.

Relationships are tricky. They are hard. They are fulfilling and often times rewarding. If we are honest with ourselves, and hang on to the truth and treat each other with respect, we can all stumble through.

I'm lovin' it!


Anonymous said...

I am totally "Loving It"!!!Wise words my friend...totally agree.

Miel Abeille said...

There's a Nic Cage & Meg Ryan movie about angels, and Nic Cage's character asks Meg Ryan to describe the flavor of a pear. She thinks he is nuts. But love is just like that, right? Trying to describe how something tastes to a person who has never tasted it. You can come close to describing it, but some things just need to be experienced for yourself.

Stumbling through relationships is just like that, though. Don't you think?

Leanne said...

Great post about Love, Ms. Nicole. And I love that moment that Melissa mentions above (that is a great movie. I "love" it.) Love to me, is that feeling of complete and total acceptance and comfort that you get from someone, or something. It's not always easy to come by - but when it is there, there's no better place to be.

Florida Girl Meets the Midwest said...

I like to think that every relationship is as unique as the two individuals that form it. Great thoughts.


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