Monday, August 2, 2010

EWWW - Scary Dreams..

Last night I slept loooong and hard. This time - I actually remember my dream. It involved - VAMPIRES.

Okay - I LOVE Vampires.. but this was weird and semi-scary.

I only have 10 minutes before I have to leave for work - but I just had to share and write down the details SOMEWHERE.

So here is what I remember:

I was at the HUGE hotel that has (it seems) hundreds of floors and maze like hallways. The elevators are always without lights inside and rarely work. But the hotel is always super nice other than that. (I dream of this hotel often.)

This time I was dating a vampire. (It had to be some Twilight influence, b/c my "boyfriend" was Edward. Don't laugh.)

However, there were some evil forces in the hotel killing people. Vampires.. we did not know. Several times I barely escaped from being killed - and finally ran into the hallway outside of a room. My friend Crystal and I were going to sleep on a palette on the floor - when we saw orange eyes glowing.. I told her we HAVE to get in the room or we would be eaten alive! We dashed inside - and there were all of our friends and family hiding out.

Edward returns.. but he "seems" different. He asked could he "refuel" by drinking my blood - but I could tell he actually wanted to kill me.. then the alarm went off.

Granted there were waaaay more crazy twists and turns - but that is what I remember vividly.

I woke up a little frightened. Thru out the dream I felt like I could not trust Edward, and was afraid he would "turn on me." I felt safe amongst my family and friends in that room. Not when he came in..


What did YOU dream about last night?

1 comment:

luckydame said...

Bad dream with Edward?! Is there such a thing??? :P

That's an odd dream....but it seems you were showing 'yourself' to put your trust and safety with the ones that truly love you....


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