Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Quirky Little Things Spark My Interests!

Just so you understand where this post is going - I am sitting on my couch, in my pink butterfly pajamas - drinking coffee - listening to my Global Meditation cd and going through my Campbell Folk School catalog. Perhaps a bit quirky?

Not on purpose, I promise.

Then I started thinking, what else do I like that others might find - quirky?

Personally, the following items are not quirky at all, but down right normal. Though these are things I have mentioned my preference for, and people (main stream) comment on them.

Nicole's (quirky?) Likes:
1. Tribal Meditation CD's. (My ab fab is Global Meditation.) I thought I was home free to listen to them (hubby was asleep) ..then he woke up, came in.. and asked, "What the hell is this?" I replied, "Music." He looked at me so odd.. You mean Wassoulou Women of Mali aren't your cup of tea??

2. Mixed Media Art. The funkier the better!

3.  Ethnic Dances (example - Israeli, Belly Dancing, Flamenco, Traditional Thai, Bolly, etc.)
4. Using foreign languages phrases mixed with english
5. Snacking on things like tahini & Lebanese flat bread & kunaffa versus cheese/crackers and cookies.
6. Shopping in the funky, multi-cultural shops and purchasing beaded, sparkly pillows versus framed portraits of magnolias or the "chef's series" from Kirklands.

7. Eating at the seedy dives versus going to the fanciest steak house.

8. Funky, gothic-esque Folk Art

9. Old book sales or Used Book Stores. (I hunt them down when I visit a new city!)

10. Taking odd classes at Metaphysical Shops.

** pics found off google images***

What about you? What just makes your heart skip a beat that freaks others out.. even just a little?


Miel Abeille said...

Somehow, none of these surprise me about you! I guess from reading, I'm getting to know the real you a bit better. Love the pictures -- especially the mixed media art!

Midwestern Mama Holly said...

Yes! great quirky loves!

Leanne said...

You are so funny - the "chef's series" kirkland reference almost made me spit out my water -- SO SO FUNNY!!! Love these things about you!

Now, what makes my heart skip a beat that freaks others out? I can't even tell you ... you couldn't handle it. Think you can? Ok - it sounds like "Pam" and it's something you eat. . . any idea? (Blame my Dad - he was in the army. I'll have to do a post on it - maybe next week!) Don't judge! Don't judge!! ;)

Nicole said...

NO WAY! spam???? bwahahahahaha. (Wait.. I do like Deviled Ham... same thing, right? Just grainer?) hahaha

The Bipolar Diva said...

yes, I was right. You are pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

I find it funny that the older we get- the more alike we actually become ;-)

Bossy Betty said...

I likes your likes!!

Tamika D. said...

Funny!!! This made me laugh out loud-literally: 7. Eating at the seedy dives versus going to the fanciest steak house. Loved them all.


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