Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Anniversary Destination: Unknown!

That's right my dearest readers, Happy Anniversary!

What a long, strange trip it has been!

If you have been around since day one (and honestly, that can only be about 7 of you) - THANK YOU for sticking by me. For those of you joining up around March (when my followers really started "chiming in") I am super excited you are in my life and you keep the conversation flowing. If you are brand new to my blog, or just dropped by for the first time - WELCOME!

This little blog has truly grown and blossomed into the little adolescent blog that she is. I definitely started out as a baby blogger. Basic "Blogger" background, and boring template. Then about 4 months into it, I discovered how to find a great background and create a header - which I did. I added a few widgets, and off I went! (Full on Toddler Mode.)

In March I joined up on some really useful blogging network sites and BOOM tons more followers (child mode.) Then I got smart - got some help from a fellow blogger on a more customized header and a button and now.. oh now.. I am in full-on adolescent mode.

I am still confused about the rules of the blog hops, and the different memes.. etc. I just write, though haphazardly, I do a daily post.

I am ready to grow this baby and take it to the next level!

NOW - if you really are new (or an old follower and have not checked out my new tabs, etc.) - let me give you a tour.

First of all - Check out the new About Me Tab. This is a perfect primer on who I am. Then, take the time to check out my picture tab and my video tab. Both will give you a great understanding of who I am. Finally - grab a few recipes, make sure to read the disclosure and definitely - visit my best blog posts tab. Read a few - they are, in my opinion, my best pieces of work.

No - I rarely spell check and I am a horrible typist - but if you can get past that - we will be good friends!

Now for fun - before the end of the day (Sunday) - I would like to be at one hundred google friend followers! Maybe you can help me? Perhaps a little PS in your next post?? Just for fun, I thought I should have 100 followers for my new year. Maybe by year two - 200???

Again - make sure to check out my new tabs, read some of my favorite posts- and definitely stick around a bit!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my little social media experiment - Destination: Unknown.

PS - I assure you, I still have no idea where I am going or what I am doing.. but I am enjoying the ride!


Miel Abeille said...

Happy Anniversary!

I will definitely add a shout out to you!

You've been blogging for a year! What an accomplishment! I wish I had found you earlier. Have a lovely day!

Sandra said...

Good for you, I think it's great that you are growing and still interested in blogging.
The next post that I write, I will include a PS for you. I have been to your blog before, and I plan on being back again. I'm following you now on Networked Blogs so I'll see when you put up new material. I will go and read the relevant labels. Good for you! If it didn't sound so dorky,I'd say, "I'm so proud of you!" I am. I admire what you are doing and have done, but I sound all motherly and shit saying "I'm proud of yoU!"

Yenta Mary said...

Mazal Tov! That's so exciting ... :)

Laura said...

Happy Happy Anniversary - and many more! And thanks for visiting my blog (Leanne talked me into it). When my blog grows up, it wants to be just like yours!

Leanne said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY NICOLE!!! Oooooo - how exciting! I'm feeling a celebration coming on! And the mention in my next post - you GOT IT, Sistah!! (I do believe that's the first "sistah" I've ever addressed to you! How could that be?) Have a wonderful day and best of luck reaching 100! you're getting so famous - I love I can say, "I remember her when ..."

Nicole said...

Thanks everyone - and Leanne - I will never be as famous as you! ;-)

Bloggin in PA said...

Hey! I am your newest follower! What a great title for your blog & your post are so interesting. You have an interesting life! Cant wait to read more.

Michelle Faith said...

Love your blog...from chaos comes happiness sent me over on her PS :) Happy to follow along and get to know you more.

Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said...

Happy Anniversary! I am hopping over from "From Chaos Comes Happiness" she gave you a shout out, so here I am :o)

Leanne said...

Just saw you were at 102!!! WOW!!! When you set a goal ... YOU DELIVER!!!! Congrats!


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