Sunday, August 8, 2010

Click Your Heels Together Three Times and Say After Me...

I am back!

Did you miss me? ;-)

I have to say I had one of the best weekends I have experienced in many, many months. I saw good people.. I ate good food.. I relaxed. Much needed and Much appreciated!

I thought I would simply share the highlights of my trip!

Friday was a busy, busy day! I had a thousand errands to run and a very short window of time to do them all in. Somehow, some way - it all happened! As you already know, I spent most of Friday morning -packing, doing laundry, a little cleaning before I headed home. Ran the egyptian to the mosque - then made my way to Serra Volkswagon to have my oil changed, air filter replaced, plus tired rotated and balanced. Needless to say, when you head to a dealership for something like a simple oil change, expect to wait at LEAST 2 hours. That's exactly how long it took. I found myself watching the Wendy Williams show and the Beverly Hillbilly's with the biggest redneck couple and a Yenta. Funny thing was - excellent conversation and we simply relaxed and made the best of it. Sitting in a VW service center reminds you of several things - 1. You are proud of your VW and no one ever has anything bad to say about them.. and 2. You are paying waaaay too much for parts and service.
(I'm just saying.)

Made it out of there to arrive at my home just a few minutes after 4pm. Crystal drove up at the same exact time - loaded the car and we were off! No sooner did I fuel up - the bottom fell out of the sky - all of the way (4 hours later) to Warner Robins, GA. I am sooo not kidding.That was hell. Thank God I had excellent tunes and we even encountered a rainbow outside of Atl. We laughed and said, "WOW - I think it's a double rainbow! What does it mean?" If you don't understand.. type in double rainbow on You Tube. Ironically the rainbow appeared at the same moment "Let It Be" came on the Ipod. Seriously.. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? hahaha.

Made it to Warner Vegas after an amazing rendition of "Cabaret" by Liza Minelli and found Telisa's apartment. We relaxed on her balcony with Rob (her boyfriend) and her exchange student - Lucas, enjoying the sheesha. (I did not partake.) We got a little bored, and decided to go to some place called - "Bahama Bob's." Needless to say - it was a double wide trailer posing as a bar. LOL. We did NOT go in - but instead headed to some place called the Cavern - stayed maybe 30 minutes - I start chewing a piece of gum.. and suddenly I squeal, "Oh My God.. I lost my crown."



Jokes ensue.. and I take it.. but was totally flipped. Yes, the gum attached it self to the crown in my mouth (on one tooth) and proceeded to rip it from my gum. I was freaked! So freaked - we leave the car. We head over to Kroger around 1am (little bit of trivia - largest Kroger in Georgia) and I call my mom and ask what should I do? See.. you are never too old to call mom, even at 1am. I found some adhesive in the dental aisle for loose crowns and fillings, pic it up - then we proceed to get snacks. I bought a piece of tiramisu, deli Tomato Basil soup, and goat cheese. Telisa gets a 6pack and chocolate molten lava cake, and Crystal gets apple juice and a key lime tart.

Picnic commences at 2am.

Crystal and I make it to the guest bed and .. well.. in perfect IKEA form, it collapses. Oh yeah... we slept inverted.. lol. Apparently the planks gave out - had no box spring for support and it when crash.

Too funny...

Woke up and had the wonderful opportunity to visit some old friends: Amanda, Kaprial, and Dana. Telisa and Crystal joined me and we all enjoyed our coffee and relaxation at Starbucks~!

Crystal and I rush back to Macon, GA and meet my mom and niece at Polly's La Mesa.. had some crappy tex-mex.. and proceeded to experience the Polly's effect. Made it back to my parent's home in Haddock and proceeded to crash on the couch for a while.

We finally made it to the cook out at Bridgett's house. Saw even MORE people i have not seen in a million years. One of the first things someone said to me was - "Hey, you are the girl with all of the sarcastic comments on Facebook." hahhahaha.. I suppose my reputation proceeds me.

Crystal and I decided to leave the party early and visit my old college campus in Milledgeville, GA. We visited The Brick, had a quick bite to eat and headed home to my parent's home. While there - my sister reads our Tarot cards around 2am.

Woke up this beautiful morning to my dad's coffee and his home-cooked southern country style breakfast. Relaxed.. and headed home. I was lucky enough to stop off near Douglassville, GA and catch my friend Lynn at the gas station before making back to Bham.

Good times...

Want to see it unfold? Enjoy:


Miel Abeille said...

Nicole, your weekend sounds amazing! Such great times with great people. Wishing I didn't live in NJ -- I would have loved to join your soiree!

Leanne said...

Awe - Nicole! Now, these look like some AWeSOME fun people to spend some time with!!! And it looks like you had a wonderful time with all of them!!! How fun! These seem like MY kind of people, for sure! So glad it was fun - and glad you are home safe and sound. Hold on to the energy you picked up there, ok? Hold it tight girl.

Telisa said...

I'll have you know that those beams under the bed came from Lowe's!! Never speak ill of my favorite place in the world, IKEA!!! HAHAHAHA
It was so good to hang out with you guys. We really should do it again sometime soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad you had a wonderful time!!! But so glad you're back!


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