Friday, August 6, 2010

Hi -di Ho Good Neighbor!

Guess what I get to do today????????????? I am going HOME. Yes, my dear readers.. home is calling me and I am excited and eager to answer the call.

What a CRAZY few weeks it has been. Crazy as in work - home - friends - life. Work is super busy but going really, really well. Last night I (and our organization) partnered with one of our television media sponsors for a "Start! Your Heart" phone bank. It went really well, many people called in and the ratings were thru the roof! Now THAT makes me happy.

Home - between driving the egyptian around, and trying to maintain things, and going to this activity and to the next - it is nice to wrap these past few weeks into a neat little package and file away as - DONE.

Friends - I think my spring cleaning of friends went very well, and honestly - it took care of itself! I feel free, and happy and.. well.. much needed dumping of toxic or weird or whatever!

Life - ahh.. life. Not easy. Not simple. But I feel okay about everything. I had some hard conversations with the egyptian and it appears he is in it for the long haul and is making a conscious effort to bring back what we once had. I think I am a tornado and he is a volcano. And we are trying to co-exist. It's not easy. I always said I needed a man who was strong and would stand up to me - and well, I found it. But little did I know, I am also high maintenance (don't laugh) - not so much in material things (I can buy for myself what I want) - but in.. drum roll please... attention.

Today will be such a flipping busy day - I am in the middle of drinking my coffee and "fueling" my brain. Once that happens, I will finish laundry, packing.. need to vacuum, clean up a bit. Then fix a little lunch, drive the egyptian to the mosque - go get my car washed, gas up - get an oil change.. then drive back home and wait for my friend Crystal to arrive. About 4ish - we are hitting the road and driving to Georgia. I am spending the night with a good friend - Telisa. She lives in Warner Robins. It's basically a military town right outside of my home town of Macon, Georgia.  I will probably arrive around 9:30pm.. and knowing Telisa she will have something in store for us that night. I think it will be sofa city for Crystal and I! Telisa has a live-in boyfriend, a 14 year old daughter, and a Brazilian exchange student. Should be fun!

The next morning I am planning on getting up and meeting a few friends for coffee in Warner Robins - Telisa is coming as well as Crystal, Amanda and Kaprial. Should be excellent conversation!

Later - I am meeting my mom, sister, dad and niece at my favorite hole in the wall Tex-Mex eatery - Polly's La Mesa. Damn good enchilada's and guac. Bring it on! Then the fam and I will caravan back to their home. They live in a little area (postal wise known as Haddock) but originally Blountsville, Georgia. We grew up in Macon - but they moved to the country about 10 years ago. They own property in the middle of the Oconee National Forest.

I assume we will relax and chat it up a bit - then that night we are heading to my friend, Bridgett's home for a cook out and good times in Gray, GA.

The next morning - breakfast with my DAD! Then packing up heading toward Alabama. We are stopping in Anniston, Alabama to see my dear friend Lynn. She now lives in Tampa and just so happens to be visiting her father ~ so we will meet up at a Starbucks and chat!

In other words, I might not be able to blog this weekend, but I am sure I will be full of stories when I return. It is time to take the "Destination" approach and just go with the flow! I am looking forward to coming home Sunday night and catching up with all of you. If you get really bored, I plan on utilizing Twitter alot on my trip. Hee Hee.. prepare for snarky remarks!

Much love !

PS - SOOO glad to see Miel Abielle back! :-)


Anonymous said...

Busy day for you indeed my friend, but I am so excited for you that you get to go home!!! That will be so much fun for you! ENJOY!!!

Miel Abeille said...

It sounds like you are about to embark on a much needed weekend of friends, family & FUN!

YEAH!!! Enjoy every last drop!

Thanks for the shout-out! You always amaze me!

Leanne said...

Have an absolutely fantastic time!!!! Can't wait to hear about it upon your return!

Anonymous said...

I know you are out of town, but wanted to stop back by and encourage you to stop by my blog on versatility, I left a little something for you there....

dewin said...

Yea! You're near me in Jacksonville! I actually was in Waycross yesterday visiting the swamp. Have a fun trip!


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