Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wrapping it Up!

Can you believe we have four more months until the year ends?? Say it isn't so!

Yes, the time has flown waaaay faster than I can handle. There are still so many things I wanted to accomplish in 2010 - I wonder if there is still enough time?

I went digging through my posts and yes, I found the "New Year's Resolution" piece back in Dec/Jan. I think it is time I revisit and see if I can check off anything on that list. (I have a feeling.. it's not going to be good!!) However (and here is the kicker) I wrote my resolutions in September. Why? Well... September basically kicks my a$$ and I wanted to concentrate on something.

With September fast approaching, let's take a look at my September Resolutions:
For the full version of the story click HERE. Now - let's take a look at Sept. 09's hopes & dreams:

1. Exercise - again. Some how I fell off the wagon (literally, I have a chronically sprained ankle.) But I have got to move. Must Must Must. Not so much to lose weight, even though I need to, just to feel the energy and make my heart a little healthier.

Okay - I can generally say I have tried to get back on the wagon. From a personal trainer to ballroom dancing to joining the Y - I have attempted this. Not at 100% but it is JUST September.

2. Daily Devotion. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I buy books to force me to spend a little time in "the word" (as people call it.) I need to schedule time to actually do this. I never forget to eat to feed my body. I need to read -to feed my soul.

Opps. Not even close - I got even further away from this one. Okay, okay.. this is an easy fix. No day to start like today!

3. Volunteer someplace new. I always add a little activity each year. Last year I became a youth leader at church. The year before I became a dog walker at the Humane Society. This year I would like to serve the under privileged. Need to do a little research on a group that does not get as much attention (as say - a Jimmy Hale mission.)

Hmmm.. did not come close. Almost forgot about that. However, one of the things the youth director/minister at my church asked me to take care of was to call around and find a homeless shelter/soup kitchen the kids could volunteer at. DONE!

4. I want to do something about this immigration BS. I am quite the little advocate - I think I need to hook up with my friends who try to make things happen. I am going to jump on that band wagon and try to push for a change.

I actually stepped away from this one. On purpose. Most of the immigration piece people are pushing for now is amnesty for illegals. I don't necessarily support illegals gaining citizenship - as I am for making it a bit easier and less expensive for foreigners to gain temporary work visas and make it easier for fiance/alien to marry.

5. Clearing up some past debt. Yep. Piece by piece. Starting with the IRS. Oh yes - I have an ex-husband who left some things for me to clean up. Let's pretend this is tennis. I filled out some forms to protect myself - the ball is in his court now.


6. Work. Either re wake the spirit that brought me here - or make some changes. Something has got to give.


7. I WILL learn to sew. I put this on my list each year. I have got to learn to do it. I have sooo many ideas - yet, I can't even sew a button. Someone out there will help me. I guess I need a machine first.

Making plans now!

8. I want to do a mission trip. Where do I look?

Put on hold. Interests changed. Going to Bangkok, Thailand instead.

9. I will head back to dance class. Flamenco - here I come. I promise- Sept.

Changed the format of dance... but I did go back!

10. I want to take some photography classes. I found a program online - 16-months. I am seriously considering pursuing this. This is for the future.

I really need to do this. Just got to figure out the finances first.

11. Change this cynical little attitude of mine. I realize I will always be cynical - but I can add a little encouragement also. I am capable. I just choose the wrong avenue to take.

It comes.. it goes...

12. Get those little things fixed: head back to the dentist, go to the gyno, get that mammo I avoided last year - work on the other little body parts I keep putting off.

I am back at the dentist, did go to the gyno (all good) - got that mammo - ooooh my ... that was a scare, remember???  Done!

13. Re-planting my herb garden. I need to brush up on container planting. (Since I do not have a yard.)

Just planted aloe in containers. Slowly.. but surely. I want to see if I can keep these succulents alive. If I kill these.. then I am doomed for sure.14. Find a yoga or meditation class.

I found the yoga - now.. meditation.. yes.. let's see if I can find that!

15.The Egyptian has seen many pics with my hair long - and has asked for me to grow it out. I can do that.. let's see what will happen in one year!!

Doing it!

16. Head back to the theater. Some way.. some how.. head back where I belong.

Hmmm.. not sure if I still want this one.

17. Paint this apt. If I plan on staying here.. (which remains to be seen) - let's make it home.

Hmmm.. well.. I have not revealed something, sooo.. here it goes. The egyptian wants to move to a much larger city (north, north, north) where there is public transportation. He gives us to February..... the ultimatum - if we can't figure it out by Feb - we're moving out of country. My HOPE is to talk him out of it. But you KNOW he HATES Alabama. Imagine why?? ;-)

18. I need a 5-year plan. I make strategic plans for work all the time - what about my plan??

See above.. working on it.. Priority One!

19. I want to plan a BIG family trip. Surprise them all.

Maybe for Thanksgiving???

20. Clean out my storage. Time to simply.. and Go Green. Can I do it??

OOh.. I think I put this one off each weekend! I have a few vacation days coming up - I will do it then!

What about you??? What did you hope and plan to do in 2010? You onlyhave 4 months!!


Gigi said...

Nicole, I found this online daily devotional about 2 years ago and I LOVE it. The prayers are great, and the devotionals always seem to hit scarily close to home. Check it out! it doesn't get easier than having them sent to your inbox!

Nicole said...

Thanks GIGI! I really appreciate it! I think hitting my inbox is the perfect way to get me to read something!!

Laura said...

What a great list and the fact that you are going back to check your progress. I'm overwhelmed at the thought for myself, but maybe I'll actually write it down this year (for next year).

Anonymous said...

At least you actually made a list and attempted to follow through with it. I did neither.


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