Saturday, August 21, 2010


I was sitting here (after the world's most relaxing nap) trying to find a little inspiration.

Which got me to thinking - what actually inspires me?

Is it a quote? Is it an issue? Is it something in nature?

My inspiration comes from a wide variety of places. I thought I might share a few with you!

1. Sunrise, Sunset - Yes, a bit of nature. I feel most at peace, most focused, and most inspired by a beautiful sunrise or sunset. In the morning - as the yellow begins to peep through the clouds and this beautiful pink/yellow/purple lights up the sky. It opens my mind. The sunset at at dusk - the pinkish and golden sparkles in my sun room lowers my heart rate, brings out a smile and comforts my soul. The best natural inspiration around.

2. Coffee. Seriously. Don't laugh. The warm aroma, the way it soothes going down, the little kick start to my heart. I always feel like writing after a cup. (Hellooo??? Guess what I just drank?)

3. Praying. When I am actually able to calm my mind down, and have a true one on one with God - my mind is clear and I feel the need to write my thoughts down.

4.  A smile. Man oh man, do I respond to a smile. Just smile at me - you will see!

5. Dancing. If I get an opportunity to dance, I am floating on cloud nine for hours.

6. Quotations. There are certain quotes written by amazing minds that just speaks to my heart.

7. Amazing movies - if I watch a movie that makes me stop and think, I am instantly in the mood to write.

8. Candles. I love to light a candle. It is calming, and for whatever reason I feel inspired.

9. A fire. It could be a crackling fire in the fireplace, or a campfire - just staring into the flames and breathing in the smell of burning wood - relaxing and inspiring.

10. Sitting near water. Waterfalls, the ocean, a raging river, a calm and serene lake - quiets the mind, clears out the cobwebs - inspires!

The question is simple - what inspires you?

1 comment:

Miel Abeille said...

I find my inspiration in many of the same places that you do! We could be twins! I take my inspiration when it comes - from posts, to comments on posts, to anything that happens in my day.


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