Friday, August 27, 2010

Things I do not like that MEN sometimes do!

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I cannot believe I never broached this subject.

Yes, I am about to list the things I do not like that MEN sometimes do.

I have a feeling, I just might have a bit too much fun with this post.

What I would love to know from you- what would you add to the post? What do you agree with? And what do you disagree with??

Without any further instructions - here is my highly anticipated list for the evening!


1. Gel in the hair. I honestly feel sick to my stomach when I see a man with too much gel in their hair. Okay.. maybe a little if you are going for some spiky look - but sooo much so that it looks hard as a rock scares me. Totally scares me.

2. Men with very little hair trying to gel their sprouts into spikes. Do you need a visual?? Just go into a night club, look for the 30+ year old men standing there.. you will see it.

(Clearly I have issues with men using gel!)

3. Men who completely shave their chest. I will admit, I am not a fan of hairy-hair monster - but the guy who is completely clean shaven (on his chest or legs) freaks me out. *cringe*

4. A Uni (as in Brow.) Hate it. Yes, my egyptian husband has one and he refuses to let me trim it up. I swear... one day.. when he is sleeping...

5. Hair on the back. Okay - I would rather the men have hair on the front versus the back any day.

6. Visors.. all.. the.. damn.. time. Seriously, it's 11pm and you are in a pub.. WHY are you wearing a visor?

7. Don't fart anywhere near me. Or make jokes about bodily functions.

8. Start to Peacock. Don't ask me to explain...

9. If you are out on a date - why oh why do you think a polo shirt with khaki shorts and flip flops are appropriate?

10. Too much tanning.

11. I know I mentioned I don't like the uni - but a man who waxes his eyebrows freaks me out. I am sooo not into the metro-sexual thing.

12. Buttoning your shirt waaaay low. (Showing too much chest hair -G-R-O-S-S.)

13. We want you to wear cologne. Just not too much. Also, let us pick it out - okay??

14. To decorate. Don't. Even. Attempt. It's our nest.. we can handle it. (Well - unless you are a fab, gay interior designer - then decorate away!!)

15. Stare at other women when you are with us. It's rude.

16. Tell us to stop talking, or that we are talking too much, or we talk a lot about nothing.

17. Comment on our weight... unless it is to tell us we look nice.

18. Make major purchases without running it by us. OR bringing home BIG electronic things (like that 52 inch flat screen SITTING on my living room floor.)

19. Always suggesting the action movie at the cinema.

20. Finally, at least PRETEND you are listening.



Dawn said...

I agree with you completely!

I had to laugh at #4 - I hope Yasser is a heavy sleeper!!!

I don't mind hair on the chest just as long as it's not monster hairy and no hair on the back, that is just simply nasty and gross!!!!

To much tanning looks completely fake and not natural - this can go for men and women.

Yes, men do NOT need to comment about our weight - we know what we look like we don't need them telling us unless as you said it's to tell us we look nice :)

OMG Yasser brought home a 52 inch flat screen and didn't tell you much less talk with you about getting one ? OHHHHHH Poor Yasser!

I know I didn't go over it all but just wanted to make point to a few things that I totally agree with!

rebecca said...

Yep, have to agree with you 100%! Hate, hate, hate the metrosexual look. Hate that modern men want to look like prepubescent boys sans hair. Hate the gel in all its forms. Hate men that can't carry an intelligent conversation or gossip or talk about nonsense or have nothing to contribute but stats on sports. Hate the explanation needed.

Yep....true on all points!

Bossy Betty said...

That unibrow. It's just bad.

Annie Joy said...

Hi, I'm visiting from the LBS Tea Party -- Love your list -- it reminds me of the list my daughter keeps for her husband to refer to! :) Annie

Nostalgic said...

Loved your list. I agree with you completely.
Chest hair are acceptable but hair on the back are a big NO-NOOO
Secondly, dominance - I hate that attitude when they claim to be right always since they're MEN, wth!

..stopping by from LBS tea-party.

Robin said...

This gave me a much-needed chuckle!

Classic NYer said...

Do men seriously think that farting or making bathroom jokes is going to get them laid any faster? Seriously?

Stopping by from LBS!

Laura said...

Oh, I love this post -- funny funny funny!


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