Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Facing Your Fears

There are very few monsters who warrant the fear we have of them. ~Andre Gide

It is not an easy task - admitting your fears. I don't know how many times I have tried to bring up something that might be frightening to someone and they immediately shake their head and cover their ears saying, "No, No, No. I don't want to even talk about it."

The inspiration for this post comes from my sister's post yesterday. Heather at Phantasmagorical Literarium talks about her three main fears in her life right now.

She listed her concerns on her parenting, whether she will ever find the right job and whether she will ever be lovable again.

It got me to thinking - what are my deep down fears at this time? Things I have YET to admit to myself. See.. I also like to cover my ears and shake my head and shout - "No No No." But who is that really helping in the long run?

I have admit - fear is common place for me. I think I have mentioned it from time to time, but I have suffered from panic attacks since I was 8 years old. I am MUCH better now - but unfortunately, those little babies never fully go away. When you find yourself under even more stress - they tend to reappear, and I will be damned if they don't just happen in the strangest places and at random times. That's the beauty of Panic Disorder. No - I do not take any medication, nor do I ever plan to.

The fear I experience with panic attacks are irrational. They are not the BIG things. Nor are the fears I am about to list have anything to do with phobias I might have (like driving over bridges alone.) These fears.. well.. they are actually insecurities. Sort of.

With out further adieu.. here is my list of current "deep down fears" :

1. That I will end up divorced, again. Yep. I am have worked so hard to make this relationship work out. I have given it my all. I believe so strongly in what the egyptian and I had from the beginning - 3 beautiful years - this 4th year is beginning to scare me a little. Too many threats of ending things, too many bad words have been said aloud, just too much anger and resentment. I cannot go through another divorce. (I was married once before.) I CANNOT put myself through another relationship.. I simply could not. I love this man waaaaay too much. It makes me sick to even think of it. Things are turning around, but this past year has been waaaaaaaaaaaay too hard on me.. and on him. Things have GOT to change.

2. That I will get stuck in Alabama. Ha! I know, sounds silly. I moved to Birmingham about 5years ago. It was never the plan to stay here that long. I followed my ex-husband here.. one year later he left me and moved to Mobile. I am still here. I do like my job and the friends I have made here - but honestly, it wasn't in the plan. The egyptian and I would like to live further north (maybe DC or NYC or Boston or Chicago or Seattle or LA.. someplace like that.) But finding a job when you live out of state in this economy is difficult. For now, we are here. We are trying to make it our home - but it was never my plan to be here this long. I am afraid I will get sucked into this place and take root. That CANNOT happen.

3. That I will never get this health thing (ie - weight thing) under control. I was not a chubby kid. I was not a chubby young adult - it wasn't until my late 20s that I gained a lot of weight. I HATE it. But ever since my 1st marriage, I have no energy to follow thru on a physical regime. I have GOT to make a change, but I have no energy to do it at the level that is expected.

4. That something will happen to my parents, and I will have to take care of my sister and Autumn. Right now, my sis lives with my parents (is going to school) and is an unemployed, single mom. I would totally take them in - but it would be sooo difficult. I am pretty much the one taking care of everything now in my home (the egyptian is not financially where he hopes to be). Even more frightening - my father's health is really bad. What if he ends up having to leave work? My mother hardly makes enough to take care of the both of them and my sister and Autumn. What if I have to carry that financial burden on my back also? Ooooh the horror.

5. That I will never do what I REALLY want to do. I love two things: Writing and Photography. I started out as a journalist (tv news producer) and ended up in PR. I do write for a living, but not as much as I used to. My blogs - as messy and grammatically incorrect as they are - exist as my online journal. They are my morning thoughts while I drink coffee, or at night as I wind down. I don't proof read them, and I definitely don't sit and worry about them. This is my outlet to vent... with the written word. I assure you, my professional writing is different. I worry I will never  enter that one year program in photography I have been eyeing. I have put it off year after year after year.  As for the writing, I am at a lost. I have soooo much to say, and my imagination is off the charts  - but I stand here - frozen in the dream.

Those are just a few deep-seated "fears" I have. What about you? What are you afraid of at the moment? Not your phobias.. just the other stuff... the stuff that is hard to admit.


Rapunzel said...

(((Nicole))), I found myself nodding wildly while reading this post. I, too, suffer from anxiety disorder/panic attacks and have for many years. I am not medicated, have it under control 90% of the time but when life gets especially stressful, the demons rear their ugly heads and I find myself falling back into that old pattern. Oh, and I still can't drive over bridges. Ever.

I am not sure how old you are, will have to read back on your posts to find out, but many of the fears you list are the same I had in my late 20's - mid 30's. If that's where you are, please let me assure you that what you are feeling is completely normal, whatever that is. The 40's bring their own challenges but a lot less angst. I promise. xoxoxox

Telisa said...

Intersting topic, Nicole. You know me, there isn't a lot that gets me rattled but I know I would be so sad if I couldn't teach. I love my job, and I think it's SOOO important to have teachers who truly love what they do. We've had so many cuts in our workforce that I actually started to worry about that! Of course, anything bad happening to Peyton would be more than I can bear. BUT I DON'T LET MYSELF THINK ABOUT IT. If any bad thoughts like that start entering my head, I push them out. Why? Reread the quote you gave at the beginning of your blog ;-)

Anonymous said...

Nicole...I do believe that you need a hug my friend. My best advice regarding all of these fears is to follow your heart, no matter where it might lead. As for your marriage...been there, done that. While I have an exceptionally wonderful marriage now, my previous ones left much to be desired...but none of us are meant to be alone and sometimes you indeed do need to kiss a few frogs...but the reward in the end is amazing. About your job....being unemployed at the moment with no phone calls for work, I say do what it is in your heart to do. There is nothing worse than being in a job that you hate...As for your blogs...I feel that you express yourself beautifully, and who cares if from time to time they seem random? As for the weight thing...you are an amazingly beautiful woman, both inside and out and that is something worth more than fitting into a smaller size believe me.

Much love to you my friend...

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