Friday, August 13, 2010

Flipping them Off

Soooo.. in a half comatose state last night (exhaustion) I was scanning one of the blogs I follow and I noticed there was an invitation to a blog roll. For one, never participated in one of these and two - I did not notice there was an actual theme to it. Like I had to do anything other than post the list of blogs on the roll (please see the lower right corner of my blog) and then visit other people.


So - before I "flip" people out and they visit my blog and I do not participate in a Friday Flip Off (note comments in previous post)..

Allow me.. if you may.. to vent and rant and flip people off. Lord have mercy folks, you asked for it. LOL I am not sure if you would not have been happier with the previous post. ;-)

Flip off #1 - Pointing out I did something wrong... when I first wake up ;-) ***Teasing of course!***
Flip off #2 - To my friends that feel the need to pick little fights with me passive-aggressively when they are having a bad day (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. lol.. I am sure this will be a pick later also.)
Flip off #3 - To a certain someone who chose to push my buttons this week (no names needed)
Flip off #4 - To the guy in line at Michael's. I did not know you were not with the woman in front of you, and it did not look like you had anything in your hand. I was not intentionally trying to step in front of you.. jerk!
Flip off #5 - The mood I am in this morning - how about the world???

Okay - that was my half - a$$ attempt to flip off. I get soo irritated on a daily basis it is hard to name them all. But I felt i better slap something down before someone else stops by!!! Sorry guys - did not know!! :-)


Holly Diane said...

*Laughing* and giving you a big cyber HUG...Sorry that my evil twin played blogger police before we both had our coffee this morning...why do I get the feeling we are going to be great blogger buddies? *Smiles*

Nicole said...

If you are sarcastic as me - it's on!! hahaha. Good morning and enjoy that coffee!! hahaha.

Gigi said...

I have to laugh that Holly was playing bloggy police but I do appreciate it! Nicole, there is a backstory to it. 2 weeks ago we had several (like 7 or 8) bloggers post links on the linky and not only did none of them post anything, one was actually doing a different bloghop and was trying to be shady and take my participants.

So, my bloggy police to the rescue this week, trying to call people out :)

Nicole said...

Gigi.. hahaha - I am just a screw up.. I will leave it at that! I had great intentions - but my first tries are always a sad attempt!

Anonymous said...

These are great! It seems these days I could probably come up with a few Flip Off's for this....

Sandra said...

I had to laugh at your shot at those passive-aggressive friends of yours...because mentioning them in your flip-off post is not passive-aggressive at all! hhahaha
I'm just teasing...although I do love it!


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