Sunday, November 7, 2010

Who grew a backbone?

I guess if anything, today represented a "Nicole getting her spunk back." WOW. I feel like one of those old dish rags that just needed a little sprucing up and wringing out. I am back!

The past (almost 3 weeks) has been interesting. Between traveling for work and dealing with the hubs MIA and then facing it alone, I think this weekend represents ME. Seriously - ME. BTW - nice to meet you, this is ME.

I have been just reveling in who I am and where I am going and what I have accomplished. I grew that backbone that the goofy/silly/love virus snatched away. I think I am finally on track and back in the land of the living. You know how that honeymoon phase sort of zaps your brain? Don't get me wrong, still in love - just not so sad and sappy and needy as I once was. Whoa - who WAS that girl? ;-)

Yes, I conquered my silly nerves and met with the new egyptian family and they were lovely. They have been in the states for 10 years and were delightful. A perfect blend of arabic tradition and an american sense of humor. Love it. (PS - new foods were AWESOME.)

Back to the backbone part - I have been making some changes around here. I accessed the situation - now the apartment is about to become not MINE and not HIS - but ours. I am making some minor adjustments that will showcase both of our tastes and wants and needs. Plus, I am organizing in a way that makes total sense for BOTH of us.

Now.. let's just hope he is still willing to get back in the game. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Well my friend, it does sound like you found your backbone! It is always nice when a home reflects the "ours" feel to it, not just the mine or his. That way you both feel comfortable.

Bossy Betty said...

You go, girl!!

Leanne said...

Such a great post! I knew your meeting would go well. And so glad to hear about your positive changes. SO PROUD of you.

Jen G-son said...

Yay for you chick!!! I love reading posts like this! They energize me and make me want to do more too!

TV's Take said...

Your emotional and physical changes sound awesome! So nice to take time for yourself, be still and listen to what you normally don't have time for.
BTW, When is his ETA?

Robin said...

That sounds very positive and healthy!


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