Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fever, Faves and the Flu

As my regulars already know, from time to time I take a moment to share with you my day and some of my "favorite things" (which are basically things I have recently purchased and I am in love with.) Since many of us have similar taste AND you may be shopping for loved ones, I thought I would share with you some of the goodies that have made it into my life this past month that I SWEAR by.

Also - I will share with you what I have been doing. Oh yeah- FLU city. So - I baked eggnog flavored scones. LOL

You will get the whole pictorial journey NOW:
I was not kidding. Here I am. (As you can tell - I have stripped the sheets from my bed (cleaning) trying to rid my house of the flu bug. I look like HELL.

So - to cheer me up, I decided to make some scones- for the very first time. I just got into scones this year, and I adore them. I bought this bag at World Market. This flavor is spiced egg nog. My whole apt smells like it now!

Dumped the product in the bowl

Added the required water

Plopped it onto my baking stone. (15 minutes later... ) But first.. a few of my favorite new things:

Limited space means I needed to get rid of all of my old coffee mugs. I replaced them with THIS! Stackable mugs from World Market. This little stack cost me $10. Each mug has little landmarks from each city. I thought it was perfect for my home and it takes up soooo little space.

My new kitchen soap. Olive Oil infused with Lavender Oil. I am a fanatic about washing my hands while in the kitchen. Everything else dried my hands out - THIS does not. Made by Olive Tree products. LOVE it.

I finally found the perfect fabric softener. The perfect smell, the perfect feel. You will never separate me from this bottle!

Sooo.. Ulta had an amazing sale going on - Earth Therapeutics (buy one get one free!) I have used this brand for quite sometime.. but it was usually hit and miss. I have the foot repair creme (always have that one on hand) - but I tried the Soothing Leg Lotion for the first time as well as the heel repair. IN LOVE.

Then let's not forget the hands! (At about age 35 I became soooo dry.. sooo.. it's that time of year again!)

My two favorite nail polish colors for winter/fall. I found the perfect tint for the perfect price and you will not believe where - PAYLESS. I swear. LOL

You guys know I am a HUGE believer in the Double Shot espresso from Starbucks.. BUT - illy has a better deal. Same price - BUT MORE ounces. Plus, they are KNOWN for their espresso. World Market has these little babies on sale for buy one get one 50% off. $13 total for a 4 pack. I drink 1 to 2 a day for a jolt of energy when needed.

I never did show you guys my Scentsy Warmer I bought from my friend Shannon. This is the "Milano" - and I bought the Mediterranean Sea brick to melt with it. My room smells like a spa. The entire cost with shipping/tax and all was $44 for everything. These warmers work with a bulb. If you are interested in getting one, let me know and I will forward you to Shannon.

While shopping for a red top - I found the cure for my messy jewelry box. I bought this zebra print ear ring holder for $15 from Cato. Love it!

Speaking of organizing.. I finally bought one of these things for my drawers. $9 at an organizer store. Love it - want more.

Bought a new bathroom soap - the Rosemary Mint makes my hands feel "cool" and refreshed!

Then I swear by linen spray and this one is THE best.

Finally - my scones. No - I did not make the wedges.. but they taste good!


Komal Ali said...

Awww. That sucks. I've typhoid myself. Hate being sick!

Get well soon. :)

Yenta Mary said...

LOVE the drawer organizer and the stack of mugs!!! Who needs Oprah??? You just keep showing us YOUR favorite things ... :)

Laura said...

Hope you're feeling better! Love the products!! I have TERRIBLY dry hands in the winter and every product I've tried doesn't seem to work. I'll have to try the Olive Oil stuff. Also, LOVE the coffee mugs. I think a trip to World Market is in order.

Anonymous said...

Oooooh I love your new blog layout. Nice :)

And I have that SAME thermometer!! It's from Walgreens, isn't it? Hehe.

I hope you're feeling a little better. I'm jealous of all your neat new stuff :P

Lady Fromage said...

The scones look dee-lish, I've always wanted my own Scentsy warmer, and I NEED one of those drawer organizers!!! Nice shopping picks!!

Leanne said...

Oh, boy ... you poor thing. You don't look like you are quite your chipper self these days. I do hope you are feeling better! Why is it after seeing all this great stuff in this post that the only thing I can think about right now are the Egg Nog Scones?!? (I've got a problem - I know.)

So, how were they?


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