Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Tudors & Cold, Rainy Weather

I have a confession to make.  I have been a big lazy bum in the evenings. There are no other words to describe me.

I think it has something to do with the weather. See, fall is a bit of a tease to us southerners. We get one week with low temps and think - ahh, it's here. Then the next week will be sunny and 80. Well - I think the final turn may have approached. It has rained all week - a cold, dreary mess of a rain. The sun rarely made an appearance. In turn, I became sleepy and a boring girl.

I skipped Zumba and Body Jam all week. I came straight home from work and put on my pjs, curled up on the sun room day bed and watched Netflix (which I recently re activated.) There are two seasons of the Tudor's available for instant play (the rest are on DVD) - so I have seriously watched 20 hours of the Tudors in the past three days. No wonder I was "too busy" personally to write a blog post. (Side note - I have to blame my friend from home, Telisa - she suggested I watch it. Now I am HOOKED.) I have been on an emotional roller coaster with King Henry VIII and Anne and Jane and Katheryn and Thomas More and Cardinal Fischer.. etc. Geez.. between the executions and hot steamy sex scenes - what a ride.

Now back to reality.

And my blog.

I have discovered a little something about my writing (it is right up there with my praying) - when times are good, I don't have a lot to say. When times are frustrating or stressful etc - I have tons to say. Well, my dear readers - my Egyptian returns in two weeks, I am sure my inspiration and frustration will be here also. hahahaha.

Speaking of the egyptian - yesterday was our 3 year (Islamic Marriage) wedding anniversary. I spent it in my pjs, watching (all together now) The Tudors, and eating mac & cheese. Romantic, n'est pas?

Work - lordy have mercy. Busy as little bee. Our Holiday Luncheon is fast approaching, so media alerts will be going out about that. If you find yourself in the Birmingham area, it is a lot of fun. The tickets are $50 and it will be at the Birmingham Country Club. There will be a silent auction, marketplace, lunch and a fashion show provided by Belk. Of course for my dear readers, I will take many pictures and share on December 14th.

THEN we have been preparing for Heart Awareness Month (which is February.) Don't forget - the first Friday in February is National Wear Red Day, and let me tell you - there will be TONS of activities in Alabama (and the rest of the nation.) For us? We have a Casting Call for the NBC show - Stories of the Heart hosted by Houda. Our "call" will be Sat. January 29th. Then there will be stumping events that week and a red hair extension event with Xcell Academy, a Paul Mitchell Partner school. THEN two big wins this past week - we got the VULCAN to"Go Red." If you are not aware, Vulcan is a HUGE statue that stands above the city on top of a mountain. One of our donors has agreed to pull strings to make that happen, isn't that wonderful?? Then B Metro Magazine has decided to throw a "Little Red Dress" party at aLoft hotel. I just love my media sponsors!!!!!!!

Another update of sorts - my family is coming into town next Wednesday. They plan to stay until Saturday. Should be fun having them all here. I am sure there will be more silly inspiration there.

I guess that's it - between work and my netflix obsession - I have been laying low this week. Oh yeah - I did do a little more shopping, which is always inspiring. I am trying to add more color to my wardrobe, to be specific one color - red. I just don't have enough, and I work for the American Heart Association!

What's new in your world? Reading any good books lately? Speaking of which - go visit one of my new favorite bloggers: Dizzy C I was never one to follow book review blogs, but I really REALLY like her suggestions. Plus, she is just delightful! I have two more suggestions for blogs to follow (these are the newer ones that I actually read all of their posts) - Cheese boy at Blog o Cheese is HILARIOUS. He is an elementary school teacher out in Utah - how he turns silly tv shows and his day to day life into some of the best writing is beyond me! And finally - for a writer after my own heart, really straight to the point and opens up her heart in such an amazing way - Jen-G at Noticing the Little Things. Her raw honesty is truly refreshing.

That's it folks. Off to work world. I am finished with The Tudors (for now) and plan to watch Prince of Persia this evening. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? And let me know if you pop by the suggestions above. Let them know I sent you!


TV's Take said...

Never got into The Tudors, but heard it's great! I really really really miss time alone, watching movies etc. Your life sounds like serenity right now. (always want what you can't have).

Leanne said...

I see absolutely nothing wrong with throwing on the PJ's and enjoy an hour (or 2, 3, 4) of pure Tudors bliss. I just started watching it during season 4 and must have watched 4 of them one night . . . I was in tudor heaven! Sounds like a perfect day to me!

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with it. I lived in my PJs this weekend... but I was also writing a paper and just too lazy to get dressed for the sake of sitting in front of my laptop all day.

Oh and I LOVE the Tudors. Perrrrrrfect choice.

Anonymous said...

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