Thursday, November 11, 2010

Eight Hours

A look back on the past 8 hours.

7:25 and time for coffee

Check my facebook

Time to get ready

Grab my keys, grab my bag

Don't forget the lunch (I will end up not eating.)

Ready - in the car. That's my serious smirk for you. hahahaa

das auto

Hitting the road. It's cold.

Driving out of my neighborhood

Time to hit the interstate to head toward downtown

Typical tag in Alabama

It is heating up quick in just 10 minutes!

Makes me think of shopping. (Saks is located here!!)

Drive into Mountain Brook (suburb on edge of downtown - where I work.)

Meeting #1

At the office

Meeting # 2

Left Overs

Time to pick up items for an event - but first.....

Maybe more of this...

And definitely a little of that.

Then the battery died!


Leanne said...

What a cool day! I love it ... any meeting at a Starbucks is a GREAT MEETING to me! And I LOVE your glasses (I need to get myself some new ones ... these are right up my alley!)

Dizzy C said...

Great idea for a posting and looks like u had a good day!


Jen G-son said...

hahaha your days sound better then mine, but I love this idea!


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