Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fall 2010 Happy List

Each year, I try to figure out what makes me happy. Just good, old fashioned - Happy. Believe it or not, it changes from year to year, season to season. The things that once brought so much joy to my life when I was 16 (flamingos, talking on the phone, auditioning and performing in theater) to what thrilled me at 24 (television field producing, white russians (the drink,) sparkly eye shadow) to now are completely different.

With that being said, I am going to take a good, hard look at my "Happiness Factor" in November of 2010.  Join me on this journey:

1. Coffee. I know I have said it a million times, but I really, truly enjoy a good cup of coffee. Yes, I am an addict, and yes - I am okay with that. I love the smell of it, I love it's soothing taste, and I love the jolt of happiness I get from the energy it gives me. God bless coffee.

2. Cooking. WHO FREAKING KNEW? I actually enjoy cooking. I like picking out the recipes, shopping for the ingredients, and God forbid - actually cooking it up. No, I don't cook a whole lot, but I do enjoy it. Nice to know there is a domestic side to me.

3. Driving with the sunroof open and the radio blasting. Granted, I would never do that where others would hear, just when I am zooming down the interstate. I love to see a bright, blue skies, and smell the fresh air and just gooooooo. PS - I sing at the top of my lungs.

4. Wearing scarves. I don't know what happened, but I went from a "bag" girl to a "scarf" girl. Seriously, I have a basket full of them, and sometimes I just dump them out and look at the different kinds. Ahhh.. accessories.

5. Listening to my niece laugh. Her laughter is completely infectious. I need to hear silly giggles from time to time.

6. My Zumba and Body Jam classes. I really, truly love these classes for my exercise. I look forward to these classes. Whether or not the weight comes off is not important to me, it's whether  I am breaking a sweat, moving my body and just having a good time. It is sooo refreshing to find a form of exercise I truly enjoy.

7. $1 movie theater. I could see one movie a night, if I had the time!

8. My ipod, still remains one of my greatest loves.

9. Visiting old book stores. I love browsing used books!

10. Sleeping. I have actually learned to love to sleep. (Now that I don't wake up gasping for air.) Seriously, that was hell.

11. Traveling alone. I now have a taste for it, and crave that independence.

12. Eating a really fresh, crisp salad; or tasting a little pumpkin pie; dipping a tortilla into fresh guacamole; sipping turkish coffee with my egyptian friends; tasting goat cheese.. I could go on and on. But trying the foods I love make me happy. A new addiction - Indian Food.

13. Listening.

14. Praying.

15.  Finally spending time with my family and friends.

I know.. nothing earth shattering. But for tonight - for today - It makes me happy.


Yenta Mary said...

Coffee, books, and the addiction of Indian food ... honey, you are singing my song ... :)

Wendy said...

I love this, Nicole!!! Would you mind if I used this on my blog? With recognition to you, of course. I can relate to almost everything on the list. My favorite is singing in the car with the windows down and the music up- only difference is that I still do it in slow traffic and red lights. Who cares, ya know?! :)

Little kids laughter is -the best-!

TV's Take said...

What a great list! I haven't thought about all the things that make me happy but perhaps if I did, I would simply do them more. Hope your day is going well.

Nicole said...

Thanks everyone! Wendy - of course!

Kristy said...

I love all those things you mentioned too! Also, knitting, sewing, wine, family movie night (I sound like an old person)!

Leanne said...

Love this happy list - it's all good to me!

I stopped at a nearby gym today to look into some classes for my girls (and . . . gulp . . . me). When I saw "ZUMBA" on the list, I laughed out loud. The guy at the gym asked, "Something funny there?" And I told him that a friend of mine (YOU) was taking Zumba classes and she loves it. He strongly encouraged me to look into it.

Watch out, sistah! I might just shake it in Chicago!!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

I wish there were $1 theaters here in NYC. Maybe I just haven't found them, but I'm pretty sure they're all, like, $15 a pop.
Too. Expensive. Here.


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