Friday, November 12, 2010

Buying couch

It is a simple task that I really should not stress over, but I am super obsessed and a bit stressed about selecting a new couch. My goal was to get something BEFORE the egyptian got back (sort of as a surprise) - but then I thought, "Wait  - what if what I select is not what he likes - then the surprise is ruined!"

I am drawn more to a beige couch. I know, I know.. beige. But it is a nice mix of modern and casual comfort. Exactly what we are looking for.
This is it:

But then there is a red couch (the egyptian loves red...and a modern look)
AND it can convert into a bed for guests..

I am just not sure. Saturday I am officially going to scope it all out. Decisions, decisions.

What BIG purchases do you have coming up?


Anonymous said...

I think the two of you have enough personality to pull off the red; and, of course, this comes from someone who will more than likely end up on that couch during a visit ;-) the conversion to a "bed" is a bonus!

Anonymous said...

I tend to be more partial towards earthy with that being said, I love the beige one. We have no big purchases in our future...thank goodness!

Laura said...

Yeah, I with Mitzi on the beige -- very neutral. Just spice it up with some colorful pillows. So that's my vote. No big purchases for us on the horizon, unfortunately... although I am itching to have our basement finished... but no-can-do until my employment situation changes.

Anonymous said...

All my $$$ goes to school.
Not nearly as fun as getting a new couch.

Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said...

I vote the beige with red pillows and throw!

Leanne said...

I vote for the RED ONE!!! It'll match your gorgeous red lipstick! (You'll look so stylish on it!) I knew my sister would vote for the beige (her first home consisted of the colors beige, oatmeal and tan. Seriously.) I am a COLOR girl, so I LOVE the red couch. Oooo, yeah!!!

(We are in great need of a new couch in our family room - the one we have now has been so beaten up and is soooo uncomfortable. Unfortunately, our purchase will have to wait until after the New Year ... but when I'm ready, I may need your help finding just the right one!)

Bossy Betty said...

Get the red one before the man comes back! Tell him the bloggers insisted on it!


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