Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Antics Part 2

The little tree on the counter

My 6 Foot Tree - not huge, but perfect for a smaller sized dwelling

Thanksgiving morning - Autumn wanted to go for a walk on the trail around my house.

1/2 way around the trail - everyone needed a break. (It is VERY hilly and looooong.)

Signs of Fall - leaves covering the path

Autumn took off running

They were searching for Ogres

Almost done!

When we got closer to my home - we found my sister, relaxing outside - reading.

Dad helped Autumn stack her blocks

I crashed!

Then the demon came and awoke me!

She kept telling me she was The Evil Doctor that planned to kill me and eat my bones.

Then the wonderful Mashed Potatoes - my favorite part!

That night - we drove to the $1 theater

Autumn enjoying her popcorn and Toy Story 3

On their last day in town - I took them to Vulcan Park. Autumn was enjoying a view of the city.

It was soooooooooooo wind and cold up there, We almost blew away.

I had to almost strangle her to keep her from running off. hahahahaaa

The third picture almost did her in. This is my sister.

My family

As you can see - my sis is trying to corrale her in..

Finally - we visited one of my favorite egyptian families in town. Autumn crashed!

Grrr.. I was forced to buy storage on Picasa. If I delete photos, I would lose them from my blog - that is NOT good.


Dawn said...

Great holiday pictures. I am now following. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Great pictorial journey into your holiday. Thanks for sharing

Leanne said...

Awe . . . LOVE the pics of the family - looks like it was a wonderful holiday! (Man, those mashed potatoes look super yummy right about now! I don't think I had enough on Thursday. Hmmm. . .)

I went shopping today and bought 2 scarfs - I thought of you and decided that you would tell me to buy them!!! I have to go back and read that post you wrote on how to tie a scarf! Maybe I'll take a pic and post on it!! Hope you are doing well!


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