Sunday, November 14, 2010

Eat, Read, Shop

In case you did not know, I have been in a serious - holiday prep mode. I spent the entire day yesterday Christmas shopping and today I am organizing. My family is coming up next week and then the egyptian returns in two almost 3 weeks - there is A LOT to do.

With that, I have also spent my late night vegging in front of the tv. Watching Criminal Minds, Without a Trace and Law & Order. I got to thinking about, "What if someone was investigating me or trying to find me - what would they discover?" I know, morbid - but it is kind of a fun twisted thing to consider...

Follow my train of thought, if you will...

You know how the detectives always go through the reading material and refrigerator, etc. I got to thinking- what does my food and reading material say about me? What about the types of things I shop for?

See... now I am just giving you insight into my personality - not actual MORBID stuff.

So, for fun, as I am fluttering around my apartment, trying to decide where to hide the gifts and where in the WORLD am I going to place the tree - I snapped a few "inside peek" pictures of my goods.

No medicine chests... just the eating the reading and the shopping!

From fish oil tablets to Stir Fy frozen veggies. My freezer has a few options. PS - on the other side there is only 1/2 a bag of frozen chicken tenders and a piece of Chil/Lime Dark Chocolate.

Condiments are my favorite! PS - SWEAR by that butter. You can see i like the horseradish and there are an array of dressings - Cesear, Lite Parm and Lite Raspberry Walnut!

The mother load - Lots of water, coffee creamer, artichoke bruschetta, greek yogurt, and my leftovers.

Pantry tim e- PB, Garbanzo Beans, Foule, Corned Beef Hash, Hummus, Tahini, nutella Wasa, Orzo.. blah, blah..


Then on my desk - here is a few things I indulge in for my brain.

How appropriate?

Finally - shopping options!

Quirky, I know. But you KNOW - you were curious! ;-)


Leanne said...

I do believe a little "random thinking moment" turned into a really cool post! I love seeing this peek into your space(s), and am ready for dinner at any moment (you've got some yummies in those cupboards!) I may follow your lead and do a post like this soon (although, I think I should clean up my cabinets, first!) Cool post - really like this one!

Yenta Mary said...

I've been doing some serious sorting and donating of stuff, and it's so therapeutic! Love, love, love the bookshelf photos ... and that you needed more than one ... :)

Jen G-son said...

Oh neat!'re so organized! Maybe I should post my fridge photo and let people gasp at the clutter!

Doris said...

Holy cow...your cupboards and shelves are WAY to neat and organized! lol

Anonymous said...

You have been busy for certain! Love the post!


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