Friday, November 5, 2010

Starting to get Santa Giddy

As cynical as I can get - I am still a super BIG lover of Christmas. Crazier thought is, the older I get - the MORE I look forward to it.

As a child, it was the one day of the year that just could NOT get here fast enough. Oh - and Christmas Eve night - fuggetaboutit. It was torture waiting for Santa to arrive.

You might be surprised to find out it is not all about the gifts. At least not for me. In 37 years I have never received anything that just KNOCKED me out, so I learned early on to get joy from getting others items that make them happy.

I am not big on giving friends gifts, or bosses or whatever. I only concentrate on my family.

As the days are creeping closer and closer to Thanksgiving, I started thinking about what type of "goodies" I would purchase for my family. Then I started thinking about twinkle lights. The smell of Christmas Pine and mulling spices. It brings me great joy.

Sure, it's cheesy - but my holidays were always special. I love gathering together with friends and family. I like exchanging gifts - and I like that all of this happiness and joy comes from Christmas - Jesus's birthday.

Pretty cool, if you ask me!


Laura said...

Way cool! I'm right with you on this one!

Anonymous said...

I am not ready for Christmas! It seems way too early for me. But I do get a lot of joy buying gifts for everyone I love!

Leanne said...


Bossy Betty said...

I can't even think about Christmas while the weather is so nice! When it comes around though I always enjoy it so much.


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