Friday, November 12, 2010

Mistreatment by the Hoover Police Department

Capt. Coker,
I am a resident of Hoover and recently was treated very disrespectfully by one of your patrolmen. I apologize if an email like this does not necessarily come directly to you on a normal basis, but I am not sure where else to send it.

Around 3:45pm on Friday, November 12, 2010 I was at the light at Exit 10 from Highway 459 – in the left turning lane for Hwy 150. As I am waiting at the light, I hear a siren, and since I am the first car – I politely pull over (thinking there must be an ambulance, or something to that effect.) A police officer on a motorcycle pulls through the middle and sits blocking the oncoming traffic from Hwy 150. He motions his hand to begin moving, other cars from the highway begin driving by.

I exited slowly, still unsure of what was going on – but was clearly motioned to move forward. Suddenly, another police office (an older gentleman on a motorcycle) comes flying up behind me – so I pull over to the left (near the median) and I stop. He pulls up to my passenger side door and I roll down my window – wondering what in the world is going on! He proceeds to scream at me (not speak forcefully, or even tell me what is going on) – But screams at me “You need to stop. Just stop. Stop now. “ Then adding in other foul language.  Other cars are flying by, and I asked, “Sir, I am sorry I am confused, I was motioned to move forward, I stopped.” However, the officer was not listening – he was screaming the same thing over and over. I was terrified. I asked him, “Excuse me, why are you yelling at me?” Then he sped off on his motorcycle with the other officer. As I sat there on the side of Hwy 150, trying to catch my breath (I was terrified) – a woman across the way – at the exit – saw the whole thing she held up her arms as if to ask what is going on. I drove slowly home, trying to stay calm.

Here is the thing – this officer’s behavior was completely unacceptable. If I did something wrong, I would take full blame for it and understand I made a mistake. Screaming at me in a frightening tone – when clearly I was the one to let the officer over in the first place, and then drove slowly and pulled over immediately while others were flying by – it is completely unacceptable.
If this is procedure, then I am a concerned citizen. Explaining what is going on, or asking me, “Please, don’t move until….. “ would have been suffice.
I wish I could have gotten a better look at this officer’s license or even gotten his name.
I feel completely disrespected and humiliated and frightened by this officer’s behavior.
I thought I should bring it to your attention. I would not want anyone else ever having to experience a police officer, someone I was brought up to respect, to be treated that way.
Thank you.



Anonymous said...

My mouth hit the floor on this one! Omg. How ridiculous is that? I hope you get a reply and I hope there is an apology attached! Hugs my friend

Nicole said...

Got a reply:
Dear Ms. Abdou,
Thank you for your email. This matter will be investigated. I feel like we can narrow down which officer it was based on the date, time, and assignment. We will reply to you; please feel free to contact me. My direct line is XXXXX Thank you, Captain Jim Coker

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad the Captain responded to you. That shows a little consideration.

But I can't believe that officer's behavior! Seriously?! What was his deal. I would have been freaked too. Geeze.

Dawn said...

Dang Nicole ** hugs** I would have been freaked out! I do hope they investigate and I truly hope you get the apology that you so deserve!

Foxy said...

Ugh. Some guys are just douche bags no matter what. I'm so sorry you had to put up with this guy.

Laura said...

While I have the highest respect for Police Officers, unfortunately some of them can be real... ummmm... "douche bags" (to quote Foxy.) I am really glad to see that you got a reply, though. It will be interesting to see what happens with the investigations.

TV's Take said...

Yikes! How unfortunate and a little scary. Glad the captain wrote you back. Good luck on the couch shopping, make sure it's comfortable!!!

Leanne said...

Holy crap - are you kidding me? (I know you are not). I am glad you received a reply, but I want to know what happens with their investigation. Make sure to update us. Holy cow. Crazy, honey. Just crazy.

Leanne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jen G-son said...

wow how scary!!! Cops nowadays are more paid terrorists then protectors :(

Anonymous said...

I was yelled at by a "HOOVER POLICE OFFICER" recently, because I complained about a man following me who was "road raging". The officer was a Sargent with a tactical force patch on. The man who raging on me was a Federal Marshall, he claimed. The Hoover officer yelled at me once he realized that the Idiot who was following me trying to get me to pull over for a confrontation was a police officer too. HPD IS OUT OF CONTROL AND CORRUPT. What would you expect when the Police chief and Mayor are crooked. (search Hoover police department corruption.


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