Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekend In Review

Before I get to my weekend in review, I wanted to share with you the fabulous ideas I have gotten from friends for my Autumn/Fall Challenge. Amazing ideas that will certainly make for interesting reading on Destionation Unknown!

People submitted everything from Hay Rides to Fall Leaf Crafts, from Bobbing for Apples to a Moonshine Festival in North Georgia. I have a list of almost 60 things to try in three months. If money and time will allow it, I will try to knock off as many as I can. I still would like to encourage you to join me on this journey. When I make my list, you can follow along.. feel free to share your experience in the comment section with a link, or just tell me about it! Better yet - if you would like to be a guest blogger and share YOUR favorite fall activity, I would love to host you. I think that would be extra fun for those of you living in different parts of the country/world. How you celebrate in Washington State may be different than those of you in Florida. I will be giving you one perspective - the Southeastern United States. Yes, we get four seasons, with all being mild except for Summer.

Now.. for my weekend:

Auttie Blossom came for a visit. I took her to my museum for a proper look inside.

She was all pimped out.

You know.. the whole "Why we are here" photo.

Little Richard is look at her from above. The sign over the piano says - Do not touch, Little Richard will know. Little Richard is from Macon. This was the piano he played at a local establishment before he got "big."

She was more fascinated by the drums than by the mural on the wall.

Enjoying items from the Pimp Series.

The Folk Art Gallery sort of freaked her out. I told her the story about this piece and she said, "Okay. It creeps me out."

We stopped by my little office. My new mint green walls.

She stood here for about 20 minutes picking out all of the items on this Spirit Jug.

Watching the "Running a Thousand Miles to Freedom," the William and Ellen Craft story.It's about local slaves that had an amazing escape story. When Oprah visited the museum, she was really interested in a larger scale movie for this. Hey.. you never know..

She sort of ventured out on her own to really scope out the different amazing works of art.

Later, we had a hodge podge lunch. She wanted french fries and a grilled cheese with turkey bacon lunch. I threw in grapes, a pickle and oranges for good measure.


I think she likes it..

Later we went for strawberry jello with whipped topping.

1 comment:

Ann said...

Super cute kiddo! Looks like you two had a fun day. :)

I really like your idea and would love to be featured. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year, the clothes, the smell of the air, pumpkin spiced everything and decorating for Halloween! One thing that my daughters and I do every year is go to the local church's Fall Festival to indulge in carnival rides and all of the bad food that tastes sooo good. :)


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