Monday, September 3, 2012

Sassy Southerners

The older I get, the more I appreciate being from the South. As a kid, I would head northward to my grandparent's home in Indiana. Most of my cousins were born and raised around those parts, none south of the Mason Dixon line. I still remember riding around in someones car, and my cousins kept asking me to "Say something in Southern," as if I was from a foreign country and spoke a different language.

I probably did seem different.
I got to the point I was ashamed to be from here.

As a teenager, I was involved in theater and ballet and a wide variety of other activities. Most of the kids I met were well traveled and sometimes even from another state... a state much further north. It seemed to me that the more "cultured" kids were from "somewhere" else, so at a young and very impressionable age, I began to think that being from the South was a bad thing.

But all that has changed.

The more I traveled and the more I learned and was exposed to so many different types of people, the more I realized that we have something very special down here. From our homes to our hospitality, or from our charm to our sass, we have everything from classic columns and magnolias to shot gun houses and good soul food.

Class and charm is serious business down here- cotillions still take place. Our blues and bbq are second to none, and if you have never been in here in Spring, then you are really missing out.

I decided to pick my favorite books, movies, tv shows that depict the South that I recognize. We each have a different story, but this one.. this one is mine.

Steel Magnolias happens to be one of my absolute favorite movies of all time. These women remind me of the women I grew up with. The strong Southern woman. My mom's cousins (she was an only child) and my great-aunts could cook, clean and out sass the next one.

Fried Green Tomatoes was actually shot in middle Georgia! (Juliette and Macon.)

Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood

Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil (True Story set in Savannah)

And of course...

The Help was another amazing movie..

Best TV Show shot in the South?

And one of MY favorites.. one i can completely relate to:

And of course.. The Secret Life of Bees

Looking for a GREAT book?

Read anything by Anne Rivers Siddons, William Faulkner, Flannery O'Conner and Tennessee Williams.

I am sure I left out a ton of stories.. what are some of your favorite Southern stories??

If you have not taken the time to watch one or read one, please do and tell me what you think. :-)


Ann said...

Don't forget Sweet Home Alabama! Love that movie. I agree that while Northern states have a bit more culture (maybe a different kind of culture) the Southern states have more grace and charm. Besides, there is nothing, and I do mean nothing- like celebrating the 4th of July in a small Southern town. As far as the blues, bbq and soul food - amen, sister!

Tesha Vann said...

LOVE Steel Magnolias.
I love the southern accents too - oh and sweet tea - yum!
PS: love the slower pace of southerners


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