Monday, September 24, 2012

Today Should Be...

I read a great quote this morning. It said, "I choose to make the rest of my life, the best of my life." ~Louise Hay

That is how I should view things, with that fresh zeal I used to carry with me everywhere, like when I was around 4, or 10, or even 25. I had so many hopes, dreams, and crazy goals. I was always waiting for, wishing for, reaching for that certain something that would make life all that more better. 

 As I spend the next five months closing out my 30s, one thing that rings true for me is - I have not been living my life with that childish enthusiasm.   So many of us discover in our 30s that life is one long line of crises and fires to extinguish. Instead of academic and career goals, I find I am silently gliding through life waiting for the next drama to squelch, or issue to arise. I even remember chatting with a former manager a year or so back, we were discussing what we do in our jobs, and she calmly replied, "Nicole, life is nothing but an opportunity to solve problems."

 So what did that make me? A problem solver? Yuck. 

 I would rather be an adventurer, someone on a quest for the truth. I want to see things, experience things, breathe in new experiences. I don't want to solve puzzles all day. Heck, I became a journalism student years ago to NOT have to do any math problems. Critical thinking is fine up to a point.. at some point you have to just EXHALE and experience. 

 I often feel like that cat in the picture above. I started out playful, sly, and very curious. I found a interesting container (my invisible box) and I decided to check it out- damn if I don't find myself stuck in that box more often than not. I am looking out, trying to make my exit without alerting anyone that I was in there in the first place.   Now to plan an exit strategy.. and rediscover joy. And adventure. ;-)

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