Monday, September 17, 2012

Seasons Change - Revisited

I find myself revisiting old blog posts that capture the essence of fall. Here is another post I wrote, in October of 2010. It's funny to read the commentary... just enjoy!

Seasons Change, October 18, 2010:

Many things have transpired since Saturday - 1. our internet and cable was OUT all weekend, so I have been unable to truly write or comment. For that, I apologize. My hope is when I return home, the technician will have fixed everything. 2. I got a NEW camera, and with that - you finally get to see the way I spend my days. (Yes.. I know you are DYING to see that.. hahaha.) I always love seeing YOUR day to day pictures, so here is part 2 of my Saturday. :-) Enjoy!

Side of a building in downtown Birmingham

I just love St. Francis

My friends - Jamie & Laura

Sleepy little angel

After a little venture through Pepper Place Saturday market and a walk through a gardening store, we decided it was time for a little pick-me-up. We headed over to Urban Standard, one of our favorite cafes in Birmingham, AL.

I ordered a vanilla latte and egg & gouda cheese croissant! Like the coffee art???

Jamie is the Queen of Cheese Grits.

Laura ordered Sausage and Cheese Grits and had the world's longest tea bag.

Great People + Great Conversation + Great Coffee = Priceless!

Jamie is our newly wed. Her ring is divine, n'est pas?

Next we ventured into an antique store

Then we headed over to Author Miller's Art Studio to see his latest work! AMAZING

Then we saw a beautiful store full of the most amazing rugs!

Laura is from Johnson City, Tennessee and Jamie is from Valdosta, Georgia and I am from Macon, Georgia. We were discussing the prices of cotton "sprigs." WAAAY over priced. In Georgia, you can pull over on the side of the road and snip a few. Some places sell them for as much as $15 - $50 a bunch.

And now.. for a little video (not much) - but I did gather a few little snippets! (Yes, you will hear southern accents! ;-) )

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Anonymous said...

these are just beautiful images. Definitely looks like a wonderful time ...thanks for re-posting...


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