Saturday, September 22, 2012

Autumn Equinox

Let the countdown begin! For me, this is absolutely my FAVORITE time of year. Chock full of holidays, beautiful colors, rich aromas, and fantastic weather.

Perhaps because I live in such a hot and humid part of the world, Autumn brings with it a certain relief, and for once, we southerners can take a moment and just breathe. Honestly, most of our winter probably feels like your Fall, but we welcome it all the same.

What I find most fascinating about today is the fact that during the Equinox, there is supposed to be equal parts day and night, a celestial balance, if you will. I have to believe that perhaps this will have an affect on all of us - in a good way. Lord knows, I need a sense of balance in my life, and I pray that today we all get a little of that.

I wanted to thank each of you for your fantastic comments on both the blog, in personal emails and for "liking" the pictures on my FB fan page. Though I don't always respond, know that I read each one and it makes me smile. Welcome also to the new followers! I promise to get by all of your blogs soon, and wish only to strike up a wonderful conversation with you on this blog and your own.

You might be wondering what "Autumn-esque" plans do I have for today? Well, for one I will be doing a little walking. Not for fun, but for work. We have 150 honors students from Morehouse and Spellman (in Atlanta - if you aren't familiar, it's like the Ivy League of Historically Black Colleges,) and we plan to take them from our old museum to the new building and back to the Douglas Theater (where Little Richard and Otis Redding got their big start.) It's all within a few blocks, but I get to be the little ring leader escorting them around.

After that, I plan to come home and bake my very first Pumpkin Pie! I know, I know.. crazy?! I've always just bought the pre-made kind, but this time.. I really want to try it myself.

I've also been invited to camp with my sister and niece tonight in my parent's woods. Though it sounds like fun, I am debating - since I don't have a sleeping bag. I know I can make do with what I have, it's just more fun to do things the right way, not to mention, it's supposed to get a little chilly tonight. Who knows! I just might do it. They plan to have a cookout and everything. It could be worth it.. hmmm..

I even have my Fall/Winter clothes storage bag pulled out. That's a project in and of itself, and I hope to tackle it.. maybe while the pies are baking?? I also plan to reorganize my closet in general. I've been in my new home for 3 months now, and my closet is finally starting to look a little plundered through.

What plans do you have for the day? I wish you nothing but happiness, sunshine, cool breezes and hopefully, a little balance.

Until next time...

1 comment:

Robyn Burke said...

in honor of it being "officially" the first day of Autumn, I will drink my first pumpkin spice latte of the season. Yum!


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