Friday, September 28, 2012

I appreciate your vote of confidence.. but..

Nary a day goes by that a "WTF" does not rear its entertaining little head. Today.. oh today... I experienced one of those moments.

As I have alluded to in the past, FB has a plethora of inspiration for my posts here.  Today is both humorous, and to be perfectly honest, sad.

Let's see if I can set the scenario.

Many of you are aware that I was quite the dancer back in the day. Waaaay back in the day. Though back then, it was not very cool, especially for guys. Those random times you met a male dancer who happened to be straight, you typically felt the need to erect a flag alerting to all women of interest: Hot Man That Has Grace.. Passion.. and IS STRAIGHT.

Yes, it was that rare.

Nowadays, dancing has taken on a whole new persona. I am both thrilled and always amazed at the number of incredible male dancers making a mark in pop culture.

Then came Dancing With The Stars.

From Day 1, I had a "thing" for Maksim. Gorgeous, graceful, passionate, foreign, strong willed, and a quick temper: all of the things I LOVE about my celeb (hey, and let's be honest here - real life) crushes. I had such a crush on Maks that I dedicated a whole blog post to him entitled "Oh Maks." However, like with all great loves of my life, most men get a 3-year shelf life of my affection.

Last season, it started to dwindle. This season - it is gone.

I'm not sure what happened. Was it his scruffier than normal beard? Is he looking a little "softer" around the middle (doubtful.) Wait.. it has to be that he was smiling more.. and working with a friend, versus some incredibly ungraceful athlete? Or maybe it's because he reminds me (attitude wise) of my husband who is going on a 3-month run of living in the dog house with me... whatever it is - the spark has left.

Then I saw HIM. Oh Tristan Macmanus. Each season, I grew more and more in awe of his dancing.

Without dedicating an entire post to Tristan (YET,) I want to share with you something that has happened.

Sooo.. yesterday, or the day before, my friend posted a picture of Maks on my FB wall.
This one to be exact and below is what she said:
Dear Nicole, you traded me in. I only love Lisa now.
Well, that just would not do. I thought to myself.. okay.. Game On.

So I posted this pic with the following information back to Lisa:

Dear Lisa Robinson,

Maksim will never be the man I am. Nicole is much better off with someone like me. We have more in common. We are both Irish Catholic, which will make my mum sooo very happy. Good luck with your Ukrainian. He is getting a little soft around the edges and looks scruffy these days. Also - did you notice his tendencies are questionable? All of that pinching of Tom's bum. ;-)

Love, Tristan.    
We both laughed back and forth and decided we would from time to time have a "Man Off" DWTS competition. Unfortunately Tristan was voted off in the first week, but we know he will dance with the troupe and professionals throughout the season.

Today - I got this photo from Lisa:

Ukrainians Do it better! :)

**yes the pic was pixelated on my page also..

So.. I responded with:

Which I follow up with: Lisa Robinson- Nicole and I appreciate your attempts to parade your Ukrainian around.. but it's not going to work. For the record, has he ever dedicated a dance to you? Yeah.. didn't think so. This one was for Nicole.. she was my inspiration.
So sad for you.
Love, Tristan.

We got the biggest giggle out of the whole thing.

Then the peanut gallery chimed in. All I can do is cut and past and protect the innocent.

Person:  lol

Is Tristan just joking with her or was he serious when he wrote this ???

Nicole Thurston Abdou He was very serious. He loves me. ;-)

Person: So Lisa got u guys mad??

Nicole Thurston Abdou er.. yeah. Sure.

Person: sorry i don't been to come across as prying.

Person:  *mean*

Nicole Thurston Abdou ? Seriously.

Person:  seriously what??? lol

Person:  im a little confused here

Nicole Thurston Abdou Clearly. hahahahahaha

Person:  i guess seriously she didn't really upset u, lol.

Lisa Robinson:  Nicole, you can't have a convo with people who are touched!

Nicole Thurston Abdou : *giggle*

wow   And THAT is all I have to say about that.


Rene Foran said...

So funny! It's good to put the seriousness aside for a bit and just be playful. Tristan is way cuter than macs :)

Annabelle said...

That's too funny! I've actually never seen the show, but perhaps I should stop in and check the gentlemen out...

Lady Goo Goo Gaga said...

people are insane.....and very very bored.....not a good combo

Yvonne said...

I love Maks! He is so hot and oh so sexy. But I also love Giles this season. And so, all of my votes will go to him. -Enjoyed reading this!

DJrelAt7 said...

LOL too funny! That poor person who was so confused :/

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