Friday, September 14, 2012

Things I Have Learned This Week

1. That at any point, on any given day, something can go from a GREAT day to an incredibly TERRIBLE day.

2. That faith in GOD can get you through a lot. As well as learning to really love yourself. You just might need to remind yourself from time to time.

3. That jealously is one evil little demon some people need to work really hard on squelching. All you can do is control how you react to their bright green color.

4. That the crisp cool breeze of fall seems to wake me up. On several occasions this week, I lifted my arms - held them out - and just let the cool breeze fill me with such joy. It's the little things.

5. That honestly, trust... hmmm..

6. I totally cheated. All. Week. Long.. on weight watchers. Shame on me. Time to start over. I let stress take me down and out.

7. A real cold is sincerely terrible. I have been doctoring a cough for weeks now. Blech.

8. I saw some terrible things come out of some people's mouths this week. Really terrible things, AND they were supposed to be representing our community.

9. I hope the little guy I gave my last few coins to on the side walk today will use that money for good and not drugs. Or if he gets drugs.. I hope they are good drugs.



10. I have finally accepted that something has come to an end. I'll be just fine.

11. I got fantastic news from my doctor. Just know, that's a good thing. Clear for 3 more years, and I will be clear for good. (C cells.)

12. I am going to need a lot of support in the coming months. I hope that the right people rally around me. Regardless of what the outcome.

13. I've watched an old guard get de-throned and a new guard take their place. I am curious how long this group will last.

14. I really wish some of my Bham friends would visit. *hint hint*

15.  Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine is a perfect way to end an Indian Summer.

16. I look forward to bed, just so I can drink coffee when I wake up.

17. BTW - Not sleeping so well this week.

18. I think my new meds (for PCOS) are starting to take effect. Every time I eat, I want to puke. Might help my whole diet. ;-)

19. I am going to miss having Auttie Blossom visit.

20. Love is compassionate, honest, resilient, passionate, loyal and lifts you higher. This I know for sure.


Heather said...

I promise I can cure #19 for you next weekend if you like :)

Charlotte Klein said...

What a great list. Sometimes we just need a reminder.

I have also been loving this cooler weather lately, myself. And need support? You have that in me. Xoxo ~charlotte

songbyrd on the mountain said...

You have to know that the town I live closest to is abbreviated Bham so every time you mention it in your posts I think you are my neighbor! :) makes me wish it was true so that I COULD visit you!!
love the list.... but I sense the bittersweet and am lifting you up with good thoughts and prayer. take care honey.

Laura Rowe [twirl] said...

Why are you having to miss Autumn visits?? Sad! I will accept your bham friends hint. Now tell Veda Jane she better start loving car rides for more than 20 minutes so we can go visit auntie nicole!

Nicole said...

Oh.. it wasn't what you think! I meant, this weekend she is with her mommy! LOL


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