Monday, September 10, 2012

Things I Learned... a Year Ago

This morning, as I was thinking about how far I have come in the last year, I thought it might be a good idea to actually take a look back - one year ago.

As you know, each week I write a list called, "Things I Have Learned This Week." I've been doing this for about two years now. I found this time last year's list - it was written on Sept. 9th, 2011. Interesting to see the differences... (which I will notate below:)
September 9, 2011.

Another week is drawing to a close, and many a-lesson was learned.

1. That a keratin treatment is EXACTLY what I needed to treat my hair. It's as if my little follicles got to visit a health spa for a week, and have come out all rejuvenated. The good news is- I have kept up this little tradition and it has made all the difference in the health of my hair.

2. That bangs really are the cheapest way to combat wrinkles. Not to mention, it does not require muscle paralysis or botulism being shot into the skin. *Interestingly enough, my bangs have completely grown out. But I plan to do something about that soon.

3. That body splashes work as an excellent substitute for proper perfume. (Though, it's not my first choice.) *I was unemployed at the time. Back to Chanel. ;-)

4. That exotic fruit medley sherbet has become my favorite treat. *Now it is dill pickles

Don't believe me? Watch this -
sadness... I have not had one yet.. it's coming.

6. That drinking sweet tea before bed will cause two things to happen: 1. Frequent Urination 2. Extended "awake" hours.
* I have since discovered anything with sugar will do that do me.. except for the whole urination bit.

7. That alcohol (rubbing) removes excess hair color from your face/neck/hairline/ears/etc.
 *Thank God I have not had another Stylist make that same mistake since then.

8. Country Chic (fragrance) at Bath & Bodyworks makes me happy.
*Yeah... I still like it.. just not as much.

9. That if it weren't for The Sims 3, Netflix, Millionaire Matchmaker, Real Housewives of NJ, and Jersey Shore - I would not have survived unemployment,
*My biggest truth of all

10 .  That I have just about found every "long lost friend" due to social media.

*and some I would rather not find
11. That my new "something" is just around the corner!!
*It was.. just 7 months later...

12. That I am pleased as punch that Leanne introduced me to Pinterest. However, it is taking me a few random tries to figure it out.
*Now I am the QUEEN of pinterest.

13. That I could fill up my calendar with coffee 'dates' for the rest of the week with some really nice folks.

*Oh how I miss those people...
14. That my eyes (believe it or not) are bigger than my stomach. I barely made a dent:
* hahaha.. now I am on Weight Watchers and would not even CONSIDER eating this..
15.  That I am more and more comfortable on Twitter... (finally) - and have you discovered Tweetdeck? You should.
*I am rocking it on Twitter now. I actually prefer it to FB

16. That Vinny from the Jersey Shore is just too adorable. hahahaa
*This is true.

17. That I don't know what I am going to do if I have to move to Georgia, where to begin?
*HA! Who knew?

18. That if I get hired here - at the TV station - what a HUGE reminder-learning-curve I will have to conquer.
*Well.. that did not happen...

19. That taking a vitamin on an empty stomach can change my address from Birmingham, Al to Vomitus Americus. (Learned that on two different occasions.)
* Yeah.. um.. I switched to children's gummy vitamins..

20. Finally - that I love love love him, and I love love love God.. and Trust God.. and KNOW that I will be guided in the right direction.

*And he DID!!!!!!

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Rebecca Mecomber said...

Good post.

I think it's heinous the way innocent Arabs have been excoriated and discriminated against. I don't think the Arabs had much to do with 9/11, either. There are a lot of unanswered questions about this day, with answers that the government is hiding or do not match with logic and other testimonies....


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