Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekend In Review

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. "~Albert Camus

What a fantastic day! I ACTUALLY felt Fall. Yes, Yes.. I know.. it's not quite Fall, but it was 74 degrees- in the middle of the day! I think the last time I felt 74 degrees was probably early March. Seriously. BEAUTIFUL.

My weekend was truly wonderful. It started off with a trip to Macon Arts Alliance's Gallery. They had an opening exhibit reception for Carole Dodd Porter and Anne Baker. It was curated by a friend, Jonathon. The work is really fantastic. Don't take my word for it - GO SEE IT. Heck, go buy something while you are at it.

After the show, I made my way home and relaxed with a little Gossip Girl marathon. Don't laugh. I get on these random kicks where I watch a television series over a couple of weeks. I am now watching mind-numbing CW-esque programing. (It was awesome.) BTW - you know you are getting older when instead of having a fantasy-actor crush on one of the main characters, you find yourself strangely anticipating scenes with the father. Uh.. yeah.

Saturday morning I did my typical weekly deep cleaning, only to have a rambunctious 6 year old enter my door. Yes, the return of my niece.... and here is how the rest of the weekend went:

Autumn really wanted to check out the cactus.

I have been eating at the Tex-Mex dive since I was very, very young. Our family has kept up the tradition for Autumn!

We went for the perfect snack - Guac, Cheese dip and Salsa.

Next, we drove out to Warner Robins to have a little fun at Monkey Joe's!

This was her first time going down. Watch how she has her hand out... knowing she's about to run into the little boy. I had a looong talk with her about waiting until everyone has moved before going down. ;-)


That is genuine happiness there!

She got a fantastic work out! What a deal - $9 for her (unlimited) and I got in for free. They had hot coffee and free wifi!


So many choices!

Having a GREAT time together

After Monkey Joe's, we went to my friend, Telisa's home. She lives on a lake. Autumn had a first experience to feed the ducks.

Baby ducks!

Telisa's daughter, Peyton, has a wall that is painted with chalkboard paint. Autumn created a little something for Telisa.

Finally we relaxed on the back porch.

This morning, Autumn and I went to a park - We found our first acorn and I read Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine as Autumn played on the playground. Was a PERFECT day.

After our power walk and power playing.... this is how I found her in my living room. :-)

How was your weekend? What type of activities did your family engage in? Would love to hear from you!

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