Friday, September 7, 2012

Celebrate the Seasons with Me!

I am revealing my Autumn "to do" list for 2012.

Sorry for the delay, I had a few distractions. I watched as many speeches as possible from the Democratic National Convention.  I also discovered a little show called, "Gossip Girl," and could not make time for anything else and finally, I am still hacking up a lung from that tragic cold I caught about 2 weeks ago.

The good news: During that entire time, I thought long and hard, listened to your suggestions and came up with a very good to-do list!

I encourage the rest of you to try to knock a few of these items off YOUR Autumn to-do list. I think together, we just might have enough for an interesting end of the year!

Nicole's Autumn To-Do List:

1. Take a Hay Ride
2. Tailgate at a Football Game
3. Attend my High School Homecoming Game or Major Rival Game
4. Attend a House Party where the attendees are watching a Football Game
5. Rake leaves then Jump in the Pile!
6. Attend Oktoberfest in Helen, Georgia (or locally)
7. Create a paper plate hand turkey and hang on my refrigerator or Thanksgiving
8. Collect a wide variety of leaves
9. Celebrate Halloween
10. Observe Veteran's Day
11. Document Thanksgiving Day
12. Celebrate All Souls Day (Dias de Muertos)
13. Observe All Saints Day
14. Create a Thanksgiving centerpiece
15. Consume my first Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks
16. Make Caramel Apples
17. Make a Pumpkin Pie
18. Go Fall Clothes/Accessory Shopping
19. Experience a Hay Bale Maze
20. Attend Spirits in October at Historic Riverside Cemetery in Macon, GA
21. Attend a Fall Wine Tasting
22. Visit a Fall Harvest Farmer's Market
23. Make a Gourd Bird House
24. Make Pine Cone Bird Feeders
25. Attend a Coffee Cupping

26. Go for a hike to view Fall Foliage
27. Go camping with friends in the mountains
28. Vote for President
29. Cook Fall inspired recipes
30. Visit an Apple Orchard
31. Make Apple Stamps
32. Make an Apple Pie
33. Stuff a Scarecrow
34. Go bobbing for apples
35. Carve a Pumpkin
36. Attend a Haunted House
37. Create a Wild Kingdom Craft (Stick fairies and pine cone mystical creatures to hang on a tree.. Craft from
38. Decoupage an artificial pumpkin with pics of Halloweens past
39. Create a Nature Mobile
40. Visit a Corn Maze
41. Spend a day capturing Fall Foliage with a camera
42. Throw an Autumn Equinox Party
43. Attend the Ocmulgee Indian Celebration in Macon, GA
44. Attend the State Fair in Macon, GA
45. Document the changing of the closet (seasonal clothes)
46. Feed the Homeless on a Cooler Day
47. Make S'mores over a camp fire
48. Create a smoky eye for evening
49. Read Edgar Allen Poe late at night
50. Have a Horror Movie Night with Friends

51. Buy Candy Corn
52. Paint Nails Fall Colors

Possible festivals to attend further away:
41st Annual Apple Fest in October in North Georgia
Fall Hoedown at Vogel State Park in Georgia (Oct)
Gold Rush Days in Dalonega, Georgia (Oct)
41st Annual Moonshine Festival, North Georgia (Oct)
Hemlock Festival, North Georgia (Nov)
Buggy Days, Barnesville, GA (Sept)
International Festival and Dragon Boat, Peachtree City, GA (Sept)
Lake Oconee BBQ Classic, Greensboro, GA (Sept)
Andersonville Historic Fair, South Georgia (Oct)
Crooked Pines Farm Pumpkin Fest, Eatonton, GA (Oct)
Big Pig Jig, South Georgia (Nov)

I challenge you to try to knock out some activities in your community. PLUS - What do I need to add to my list?

If you would like to guest blog and showcase one of your favorite fall activities, please let me know at I'll schedule a time to showcase your items also!

Happy Fall people! This is going to be fun! I already have an activity for tomorrow planned!!!

1 comment:

Laura said...

Ok, you've got like a hundred things on the list here! I'm almost thinking about taking up your challenge! But can I do it?


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