Friday, September 21, 2012

A Post That Will Make You Feel Good About Yourself

Ode To September.

Oh September, you always punch me right in the face, and often times, provide a nice swift kick to the arse.

As we wrap up this God Forsaken month, I thought I would share with you that yes, she did rear her ugly head and decided to plop all of her spite on me this week.

1. Do I need to the state the obvious? The issues with the egyptian are at an all time "hello.. wtf?"

2. Diet is at a plateau. Holding 18 pounds down... strong and steady. The needle is just not moving.

3. A few thorns in my side. But I have plucked them out.

4. Finances. Always a worry.

5. This morning, I went to get my Drivers Licence. I need my GA D.L. for so many reasons, one is because in order to do anything (or make sweeping changes in certain departments) I need it to establish residency. Also my tag is about to expire in one week. I need a GA tag. You need a Georgia Licence to get a Georgia tag. Never fun pulling together all of your items.

6. Stayed up last night gather items:
 - Current D.L.
 - SS Card
 - Passport
 - Birth Certificate ( Original)
 - Marriage Licence
 - Water Bill (In my name)
 - Electric Bill (In my name)

7. Got to the place, and realized I had a COPY of my Marriage Licence. They would not accept it.

8. Called the egyptian (whom I am barely speaking with) and asked where the original is.
" Nicole, it's in D.C. somewhere."
"D.C.??? WTH is it doing in D.C.?"
"It's with my citizenship application."


9. It typically takes..... oh... forever to get those things approved. Which means, my original is floating in THE system.

10. Which means I have to track down someone at the Jefferson County Courthouse in Birmingham and request another. (Do they even do that?)

11. Which also means - No Tag. My tag is about to expire. It's going to take time.

Let's just say I screamed a few obscenities to no one in particular in my car this morning.

12. THEN.. it's my only day off, and I HAVE to go in to create a sponsorship letter for some company that needs it today. I found this out... today.

13. A have some random certified letter waiting for me at the Post Office. I don't owe anyone... but it concerns me. ;-)

14. The Department of Industrial Relations DOES want me to pay $1400 back to them (from unemployment.) They believe they over paid me. How is this my problem??

15. I saw one of those HUGE bugs crawling on my wall last night. If you live in the south, you know what I am talking about. Since the egyptian is not speaking to me, I had to pull out my Wonder Woman powers and tackle this beast. I'm TERRIFIED and disgusted by bugs. I grabbed my expensive argon oil hairspray and tried to scorch it. No workey. Then I hit the wall a few times with my Nine West leather sling back stiletto.. Workey. I then crushed it... followed by running around in circles screeching "Ewww.. Ewww.. Ewwww." I flushed it, only to discover it's a floater. I woke up this morning and forgot about it and almost had a heart attack. It finally went down the toilet.

16. Stick a fork in me.. I'm done.

.... How many more days in September?


Tesha Vann said...

Wow! Sorry to hear all that.
Hope things start looking up soon. I'm a fan of killing crazy bugs too.
BTW: Thanks for liking my FB page!
Cheers to a brighter weekend.

Robyn Burke said...

oh, sweetheart, you need someone to pour you a big glass of kindness and maybe offer to massage your tootsies as well. We've all had days (weeks) like that... I know I have!! (Still recovering from a nasty checking account garnishment episode-- that was NOT nice!!) hang in there babe. it's Friday.... and yes, September is almost over. ((hugs))

Savvy WorkingGal said...

I think it is odd you need your marriage license to get a Georgia D.L. I have never needed my marriage license for anything, but then I've only lived in Wisconsin. I have to agree you are having a bad month and I hope things get better. Your bug story did make me chuckle a bit.


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