Friday, September 7, 2012

Please Help Me!

I don't ask for much.
PLEASE help me help my museum win an easy $500.
Turns out it is not that easy.
All you have to do (and it will take 4 clicks of your mouse)
Is to please visit THIS page - it's the Cox Florida/Georgia page.
You'll see the photos section.
Click on the photos and pick the second album - Cox Charity Challenge.
Click LIKE on the Tubman Museum logo.
That's all.
Over 25,000 of you stop by each week. PLEASE make a difference for a small museum.
Our county has only a 48% graduation rate in the high schools.
With programs like ours, we are trying to make a difference for the youth of Bibb County.
You could make a HUGE difference.
Please and Thank You.


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