Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Things I am Obsessing Over

Another week... and yet there is never a lack of things to become obsessed over.
What's fascinating to me - about a month or so before Psy came onto the mainstream with Gangnam Style, I had posted an obsession about that song and specifically K-Pop.
Could it be? Is it possible? I am locating trends before they go mainstream?
This is becoming more and more fun!
Gallon Pour Thing
1. Isn't this just simply genius?? I HAVE to get one.
Lid & Spoon Rest
2. I saw this.. and I thought.. yes.. exactly.. another life saver!
Tea Bag Buddy at the Container Store
3. This happens to be one of those things I desperately need to get for my husband. I am SICK of cleaning up little bags around the kitchen.
Bed fan with wireless remote
4. Check it out!!! A WAY TO KEEP COOL AT NIGHT, but keep the sheets on. I am in love.
5.  A great version of an old favorite song:

6. Another great different version of an old favorite song:

7. Anything Otis Redding. It's his week on my Ipod. I know my Macon peeps know this, but did  the rest of you know that Otis was from Macon? Yep. Just two weeks ago, I was sitting at the Rookery and at the table next to me was his daughter, Karla. She called us over to her table and was asking about the museum. *sigh* Here is one of my favorite performances - sorry.. could not embed.

8. Speaking of PSY and Gangham Style... remember the beautiful red headed Korean chick in the video? Well.. we now have her version of the song! (You can say you saw it here first. ;-) )

That's Hyuna! MAN - I HEART K-POP!

9. If you have known me for any significant amount of time, you know I am super crazy about Audrey Hepburn. WELL.. I am FINALLY having an Audrey Hepburn/Breakfast at Tiffany's party for my 40th Bday in Feb. I am OBSESSED with coming up with all of the details I can identify. Here is one I am going for!!

10. I am still playing this song each morning before work! :-)

11. Did I mention last week that I will have the opportunity to do something BIG writing wise? Yep. My NBA friend has asked me to write a 30 minute piece for a documentary going on ESPN. WOot!

12. I have another HUGE project to work on for my friend Monica at KPBS! She's asked me to be an official blogger for RACE 2012- it's a project that is joined with a national special on PBS about race and the election! I'll be working on that piece in the next week or so.

13. AND Ooh La La wines have asked me to review four very distinct variety of wines! I'll even have a GIVEAWAY. (My very first!) I hope to get together with some friends, do a little taste testing party and documenting the whole experience!

14. I have four fun events coming up at the Tubman Museum! (I came up with all but one!!)

15. I agreed to partner up with the Medical Center of Central Georgia for Paint the Town Pink. If you tour our museum on a Friday in October, and wear pink, you'll get $5 off admission!!

16. I wanted to take it a step further and find a way for our museum to participate in the First Friday events downtown. I came up with First Friday Forums! This first Friday will be on Breast Cancer Awareness! I called my old high school bestie, Rebecca, who just happens to be the head of the Breast Center at the Medical Center, and she is going to do an engaging program! Guess what - I wanted to take it a step further and make this event FREE. It will be from 6 - 7:30pm on the 5th.

17. I also threw in a story telling element in the marketing plan, and our new Program Director (and dear friend,) Tonya, came on board and is an amazing story teller. She said - YES and we will begin Second Saturday Story Time at the Tubman! She found a book called Spookley the Square Pumpkin. It's a heart warming story about the importance of embracing our differences. Children can bring a small pie pumpkin to decorate with stickers! (PS - IT'S FREE TOO!)

18. Finally.. my dear Pimp Series is coming down. I worked hard to promote the hell out of Alfred Conteh's series. Next up - Mr. Imagination! He was a Chicago based artist, who recently died. I'll tell you more about him in coming weeks. The opening reception for him will be October 19th.

19. I also volunteered to work with the Historic Riverside Cemetery for their Spirits in October!! If you are local - YOU MUST COME. Nothing like playing with ghosts in a cemetery on Halloween!

20. Finally - My theme song these days. :-(

What are YOU obsessing over?

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Laura Rowe [twirl] said...

HOLY MOLY YOU ARE BUSY over there! Look at you go! I love it! You deserve to not have to pick your milk up out of the fridge to pour it :)

But seriously... I need that...


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